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What the Fuck Wednesday: Car Modification!!!!!!

This has to be the best video ever. Too many gems all cranked into one 7 minute video of pure awesomeness. We should be dealing JK tires real soon on the site as they are the only tire for your shitbox scion stickerd Suzuki Baleno with a turbinator. Enjoy!

What the Fuck Wednesday: Mugen Golf GTI

OH no Pedobear is at it again, creating the first Mugen powered Golf GTI to upset the masses.


What the Fuck Wednesday: Flaming Polo

This beast was sent in by a viewer, and its more than perfect for a what the fuck Wednesday. What made it the perfect car this week is not the power drums or the Halfords alloys..

What the Fuck Wednesday: Steamy?!?

This counts right? Hahahaha, steam roller drifting and some dodgy male action…. Good old Japanese animation. Initial D on acid and a crate of redbull maybe? Fuck knows…..

What the Fuck Wednesday: Oh no hachi!

A very different way to kill a 2door 86.


What the Fuck Wednesday: What happened?

Mad max meets fast and the furious…..


What the Fuck Wednesday: Max Camber

Sorry for the lack of updates, things have been really busy around here. Things should be back to normal soon so stay tuned. Camber is something that both looks good when executed to the right angle and can be used to set a car up for better handling (Obviously not the pic above!). But where would you draw the line? Some people can someone say that enough is enough……


What the Fuck Wednesday: Face /off

Many of you recognize this picture straight away, others probably wont. To cut a long story short, this picture is for the film face off. Basically John Travolta and Nicholas Cage manage to get their faces swapped around.. anyways check that out in your spare time its kind of funny. Your thinking: What does all this have to do with cars? Well for a few years now we have been saving random pictures of cars which have had some sort of face. In here are the good the bad and the ugly of face/off car’s. We decided to get them all together instead of laughing at someones bad body kitted car for a change… oh wait some cars in here are bad body kitted cars. Oh no! Continue Reading

What the fuck Wednesday: Only in Japan

Only one snap of this, but one is good enough. Only in Japan would you find this type of epic creation. A KE wagon with a trueno front complete with some funky fender mirror’s.

What the Fuck Wednesday: Fat car’s

Erwin Wurm, some artist who’s idea was to make some fat cars came up these crazy creations.While everyone is all about stripping and stuff this guy keeps it real in the opposite direction. Who knows why, maybe to show that cars can get fat too?

What the fuck Wednesday: The Spooky Passat….

Just looks like your average B5 Passat yes?  Have a closer look at this beast, which was just in time for Halloween….


What the Fuck Wednesday: A proper head scratcher..

From even this shot, id imagine many of you may remember this gem. The car scene really did take a turn for the worst, but things seem to be coming back full circle.
We came across these the other night on an good mates computer from back in the day and were amazed at just how scary things had gotten back around 2005/2006 with some people. Dont get me wrong you have to admire the effort put into this, but once you see it your going to ask yourself why?

What The Fuck Wednesday: Porsche Compact Fail

I will email a Dan Bar to the person who can guess what base car this is….


What The Fuck Wednesday: 180 sex?

Ill start with the back of this freak show, now it maybe not be a 180sx, because it looks like more than likely this car is from Sweden. Its also been styled by a female it seems judging from where i found these snaps. To be honest its pretty hard to completely fuck up an s chassis. I mean really, to go and properly fuck one up this bad took true skill. The rear itself doesn’t really look that horrid, it just looks like 1999. But even at that shes already made a bad job as you can see the wings and quarter panes been nicely widened. She also opted for flushing the entire body which definitely just doesn’t work here and some essential Lexus lights. Its really one when we see the front that you almost collapse with fear and anger….


What the fuck Wednesday: Flaming Corsa

Another gem for us this week, spotted by the WTF Wednesday Team in Waterford. People will instantly know and laugh from around the Waterford area when they see this, it has been around for quite a while, but is almost impossible to get photos of. Luckily on a nice trip to Tesco, someone managed to have a phone on hand. We were glad to add this minter to the collection. It definitly stands up there with some of the worst cars still on our roads today. The “airbrushed” flames are truly amazing. They really let you know that this Corsa means business, especially in piss green. Who needs details on the flames as long as people know whats going right? Exactly, and there’s nothing better then a one litre car, with a gigantic body kit that makes it go really fast.