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What the Fuck Wednesday: More then you can afford pal

So its been a while and a half since we did a what the Fuck Wednesday, not to fear this Ferrari collection should make up for things. Especially with v12 porn like the picture above….


What the Fuck Wednesday: The JZX100 Taxi

Everyone knows just how boring motorways can be when your trying to get from A to B, its the same thing over and over with no real entertainment. This JZX100 taxi yeah that’s right, a Toyota Chaser JZX100 was cruising just up ahead but something looked a small bit out of place so we decided to catch up and really couldn’t believe what we were seeing!


What the Fuck Wednesday: Pimpin Rings Lad

Pimpin rings in an Cobra, Living the good life!

What the Fuck Wednesday: Ae86 Day @ Fuji

This is complete madness, no janspeed or superlite shit here. Turn up and enjoy the insanity that is Japan….

What the Fuck Wednesday: Blind Drifting!

Why pull in and fix your bonnet when you can just keep going? This is nuts!

What the Fuck Wednesday: The woodruff special

These days its all about having the lowest car, or having something insanley slammed and almost rubbing the ground, but I have to admit the Woodruff special takes the trophy.


What the Fuck Wednesday: Oh no number 80

This is a little scary, there is no other of putting it. Can you guess what car this used to be??


What the Fuck Wednesday: The Chrome Bruiser

Nothing too crazy this week, just a “lightly” modified PT Bruiser. It pretty much has every chrome add on you could ever want.


What the Fuck Wednesday: The wish

Hmm a tattered e36?


What the Fuck Wednesday: The future

Welcome to innovation corner., where old trends combine with current to create something that the car gods themselves would drool over. Ever wondered where this whole car scene is going? Your looking at it right here.


What the Fuck Wednesday: 200 M.P.H.

Usually we wouldn’t go ahead and do some sort of a movie review on this website, Wednesday Is usually dedicated to highlighting some of Ireland finer car’s or something to that effect, but this week we just had to talk about 200 MPH the movie. Now I’m sure many of you are like what the fuck? Or maybe your not, either way we have to talk about this film. When fast five came out, everyone was all talk for Vin diesel and The Rock fucking shit up. But holy shit are you in for a treat with this film 200mph movie. You have to read on for more goodness….


What the Fuck Wednesday: Twingformer

Looks like we have a sneak preview of the new star of transformers 9.


What the Fuck Wednesday: The Sera

The Toyota Sera is a car you might not know about, it did make an appearance in Gran Turismo but so did everything haha. Its a car that rolled off of the assembly line in Japan looking pretty much like a concept car and example above really does look like the the story of that brother kept in the basement, the one that really shouldn’t have been left out…


What the Fuck Wednesday: Jimi

Just one picture this time around. Apparently only in Waterford City, Fiat made this one off Bravo with Jimi Hendrix on the front. It even came with the dent and missing light to make Hendrix stand out more and add to the rock and roll theme. Maybe this was the reason he wrote this song? Was it really about a Bravo?

Things are busy on this end at the moment, but more actually worthy features coming sooon!

What the Fuck Wednesday: MR2 to MRPoo

MR2 aye? Yes this is the car from gone in sixty second’s in many of the action scenes, no shit.