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Homologation Hero: The Mk2 Rallye


This particular Golf was a little bit of a mythical creature. I would see it once or twice a year, more often than not did I have to convince some people that this actually existed; it was like the tooth fairy, or the loch ness monster. Many people weren’t even aware that this homologation even existed. For those that aren’t aware, a homologation special in simple terms is where manufacturer is required to build a road going version of the car they wish to compete with for a particular series or event.
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A Dubshed Stroll 2016

Dubshed 2016



Dubshed 2016 where do I start, let’s start on Sunday morning at 7 o’clock. Waking up to the rain pouring from the sky, it’s definitely not how I wanted the day to start but living here in Ireland I think seeing rain on the day of a car show has become the norm.

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The Work Van


You have to enjoy people like Davy, people who can’t leave things alone, people that go near stuff and know only the right way to make it out the other side. Take his “work van” for example, I remember when he picked this up from Paddy McGrath and started tearing around in it. As vehicle Bodywork is his profession it wasn’t long before the van was stripped down, with plans already hatched.


Juicebox : The First Meet PT1

I’m pretty excited that some how I can finally write about a public event we put together. Juicebox has been going for about four years now and well it has been an absolute pleasure being able to capture the car scene and chuck it up here on the website. We had toyed with the idea of putting together something like this for a long time, possibly holding a show, or doing another BBQ, the main fear was that no one would turn up, or if something did it would be a disaster.


Black & Bagged

We have seen quite a change in the car scene over the last four to five years in Ireland, the growth of a more European influence on what would have been a heavily saturated market of Japanese imports. Quite a large part of this was down to fuel prices, with this wave of Diesel machines brought a new collection of the good, the bad and well some pretty terribly ugly creations The Volkswagen scene itself is quite reserved, it’s a different take on cars and has to be appreciated when done right like this 2.0 TDI B6 Passat.


Automotive overload – Gatebil PT1

Once again we were away, out of Ireland the country which at the time we were leaving was experiencing one of the hottest weeks in over twenty years. This was something none of us were going to care about because finally we were actually leaving the country with a plan we had made over a year before.


That Itch.

This car was bought as a run around, the owner of this pretty immaculate looking mk3 Vento had family in mind. Owning a MK2 Rallye, the Vento would become the more practical day to day car. As most of you out there will agree, nothing ever stays standard for too long and before Noel knew it he was in talks of getting some rust removed from the car….


Event: Fermoy V.A.G. meet

So with an unpredictable Irish summer that we have already been pissed off with, we were very sceptical if it was a good choice to make it out to the V.A.G. meet in Fermoy Co Cork, I’m glad we made a positive choice… If you don’t know this already, or aren’t from this country, in Ireland, the scene is heavily split into a few groups, but it was nice to see the Volkswagen/Audi scene going showcasing some of the best examples this country had to offer all packed inside Cork Marts Car Park, something we just had to cover….

Feature: Take Two

It’s always impressive to see Volkswagens in the south of Ireland which push the scene forward, one of the biggest things we tried to do since the site was created was to showcase cars which hopefully are a sort of a milestone or marker for others to follow or be influenced by. Tommy’s wagon is certainly one of these cars, the first wagon he built which we featured a few months back was his first test, having somewhat of a soft spot for the wagon he managed to make the perfect blend of clean and simple.


Feature: Without the hole…

There is a new breed of car enthusiasts, some of you may be reading this and laughing while others might agree, as Ireland experiences some sort of melt down, which we won’t go on about, a new collection of enthusiasts who are armed with the websites, blogs, and forums are starting to come up through the ranks pretty quickly. The Polo has always been a car which has mostly taken a back seat to the rest of the Volkswagen family, most of the time when these were “modified”… well you can probably picture what it would have looked like…..

Car Spotting: Robs Mk2

The Mk2 Golf has always been a true favourite amongst car lovers, in the last few years they have become quite scarce site and even quite a few that are left are either a mint GTI something in between or a standard clean example. Rob decided to build this MK2 on a budget, attending college and trying to build any sort of car is definitely not an easy task. Truth being his budget was pretty limited but that didn’t stop him from using his head and turning out an awesome result.


Feature: Come Clean

Eddy’s MK4 is the perfect example of a clean daily driver done right. Using a formula which has been tried and tested in the US and Europe it pretty much works like a charm when executed correctly. Like we have mentioned here before Juicebox the Mk4 Golf is in plentiful supply throughout Ireland, finding one that makes you look twice in the south is another challenge. Take a look at the MK4 pictured here. Holding it down for MK4’s in the south east of Ireland Eddy’s Golf turns heads, and for the right reasons.


What the Fuck Wednesday: The woodruff special

These days its all about having the lowest car, or having something insanley slammed and almost rubbing the ground, but I have to admit the Woodruff special takes the trophy.


Web Mining: 03’s

Who would have known that a clean polo + work equip o3’s would look this awesome.

Random Juice: 3 way

The Japanese sure now how to do a good Volkswagen threesome