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Feature: Take Two

It’s always impressive to see Volkswagens in the south of Ireland which push the scene forward, one of the biggest things we tried to do since the site was created was to showcase cars which hopefully are a sort of a milestone or marker for others to follow or be influenced by. Tommy’s wagon is certainly one of these cars, the first wagon he built which we featured a few months back was his first test, having somewhat of a soft spot for the wagon he managed to make the perfect blend of clean and simple.


Juicebox TV: The Hunt For Perfection

Most of you should know this car by know, in my eyes its one of the best EG6s this country has ever seen, with its unique front end conversion from a DC2 to its brown paint job which was unheard of in Ireland when car was sprayed, sparking others to go down a similar route. The car has always been progressing towards the perfect car, daily driven on some of the most horrible roads in Ireland and sitting low enough to look amazing, I have nothing but respect for Jackie and his quest to build his ultimate Civic. Wr put this video together, just to showcase how it looks at present, but believe me this will just keep evolving and help push the car scene in the right direction.

Feature: From Rags to Riches

The phrase “from rags to riches” was the last thing I wanted to call this feature, but the more Peter told me the story I couldn’t believe how the car had turned out. Eventually I realised after trying to come up with something a little bit more imaginative, this car truly earned the title. The common build we see in the United States of a bog standard civic being converted into a flawless masterpiece in both the exterior and interior is really something that has only started to come around over here in Ireland over the last few years.


Random Juice: New shoes

Darren’s DA6 wearing its new Sprint Hart CPR’s.

Web Mining: A Perfect EK

Check this Skunk 2 video on EK owner Loreto Garcia. This is such a good example of a function meets fashion EK. The car has all the shiny parts to look good and still manages to have enough go to put down an 11 second quarter mile. From the wire tuck to the immaculate TE37’s in smoked chrome. It even sitting perfect… Damn you America and your amazing Honda’s.

Feature: Raising DA Standard

This DA6 needs no introduction. I’m sure most people throughout the Irish car scene know this car. When Darren was building this car he aimed beyond the standard many people set for themselves here in Ireland, there was no limits or false ceiling.

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Random Juice: Yellow perfection?

I think many people have that folder on their computer where they have saved cars which jumped out from the computer screen. While looking through my stupidly big stash, this instantly caught my eye and I had to put it on the site. This is pretty much a flawless execution of the EK hatch. Many argue that 16’s are too big for a civic but these Regamasters are absolutely at home under this Yellow EK, which is sitting more then perfect might I ad.


Feature: Minty Freshness

The phrase “built not bought” is a common collection of words thrown around in today’s car scene. Many cars proudly wear the sticker and it’s become almost a trend in itself to say your car was built not bought. This car is the true definition of that phrase. The owner of this car Neil wanted to go his own route, always being interested in the JDM/US hatch scene he decided to make his purchase. A 01 Mitsubishi Colt would become his canvas. Ireland has a great deal of love for the Honda and the Toyota, and it’s no lie that these dominate the hatch scene here whilst Honda dominates the Hatch scene in the US. I’ve always wondered what it would be like if an American Honda owner got his hands on a Colt/Mirage and built one with the same love and enthusiasm they seem to have for the Civic, carefully selecting a mixture of performance and OEM parts to build a flawless clean hatch.


Feature: Daily Static


One of the best parts of taking photos for a website like this is the variety of cars that you to feature. I remember seeing this Golf Variant at the Portlaoise meet at the start of 2011, amongst many of the cars that attended the meet this white wagon stuck out like a sore thumb. The owner of this car decided after having one of the nicest mk5’s in the country to go ahead and try something different. His canvas of choice was a 1.9 diesel MK4 Golf variant estate.

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Feature: Mass Appeal


Finding an s13 like this in Ireland has started to get rare. Years ago the streets were flooded with s-bodies; everyone and their friend drove a Silvia or a 180sx. The recession kicked in and many who drove these cars were out of work and out of money. This led to a sudden change in the value of these cars, which inevitably led to them, being butchered. Ask yourself, how many nice s13’s are on the road today? On top of that how many of these cars are still daily driven?

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Feature: Face/Off


This EG6 has definitely come along way since the day it was purchased at the Primo dealership in Japan. The car started it life out as a Blue EG6 SIR. Jackie is a serious Honda enthusiast but also grew up in the very creative era of the early millennium. When custom transformations on cars was the norm.

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Garage Life: Jackie’s DC2 fronted EG6

Everybody in the Honda scene pretty much knows this car, it has caused quite the stir amongst people over the last year. This Friday we will have a full feature on this amazing Honda.


Web Mining: Form Is In The Function

Random Juice: When worlds collide

A very tidy EG on some Sprint hart CPR’s aye?  But that’s not the best part, whats really interesting is the fact that the car has been themed to look American (USDM) but is in Japan. The trends have made a full circle and have filtered back across the Pacific.  Continue Reading

Car Spotting: Different strokes

I remember seeing this car at Japfest this year and it just stood out. It wasn’t because the car was rocking some super amazing mods or anything like that but the way it had been put together just worked.