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Polishing a Turd


To polish a turd or “The act of trying to make something hopelessly weak and unattractive appear strong and appealing. An impossible process that usually results in a larger, uglier turd’. From the outside looking in, sometimes our way of spending money and spending time may look like a lost cause to the outside world.

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Love RS

If there is one thing I have learned over the years is that Ireland has such a deep rooted car following. In your family or group of friends someone has an interest in cars whether it be an uncle brother or friend, who has either had something over the years or still has a piece of metal with four wheels they hold close to their hearts. The thing about the Irish car scene is most of the time it is hidden, any car action you come across is usually surface level car enthusiasts who drive the streets at night and park up at McDonalds, do a couple of laps of the city and head home.


In Progress

Stephens Turbo work in Progress Pride and Joy…. watch this space, this car is only going to get better….

Feature: Black Eyed Five

In Ireland, a country heavily influenced by Rallying, many of the Impreza and Lancer evolutions which have been roaming the streets since the days of been brought in from Japan have had a very reserved following. Quite a lot of the owners usually theme the cars loosely on a rally style or keep the cars very subtle and almost stock exterior when it comes to exterior modifications.

Event Japfest PT2

What I love about Japfest is the amount of racing and activities that are on throughout the day as well as the show thats inside the paddock. It can be a somewhat overhwleming task to cover everything as you have time attack, Prodrift, drag racing and track time on all at the same time. There’s something for everyone.


Feature: Mission Accomplished

Happy AE86 day! What better way to celebrate this day then with a car like this. The Levin you are looking at is probably one of the most impressive builds I have ever witnessed with an AE86. These days people seem to have the mentality of adding a set of wheels to a car and stance and a couple of stickers and suddenly there car is something special or different. What I love about this car is the fact that pretty much every inch of the car has been changed, replaced or refurbished. This car wasn’t built to be put on a stand at a car show or to be king of the internet. Many people didn’t even know this 2 door even existed, for the people that did it was like an urban myth hearing what was being done and how much was being spent. The biggest thing I love about this Levin is how it was built to be driven and personally enjoyed, the fact Jerry wasn’t bothered if it was exposed to the world or not is pretty awesome.


Feature: Minty Freshness

The phrase “built not bought” is a common collection of words thrown around in today’s car scene. Many cars proudly wear the sticker and it’s become almost a trend in itself to say your car was built not bought. This car is the true definition of that phrase. The owner of this car Neil wanted to go his own route, always being interested in the JDM/US hatch scene he decided to make his purchase. A 01 Mitsubishi Colt would become his canvas. Ireland has a great deal of love for the Honda and the Toyota, and it’s no lie that these dominate the hatch scene here whilst Honda dominates the Hatch scene in the US. I’ve always wondered what it would be like if an American Honda owner got his hands on a Colt/Mirage and built one with the same love and enthusiasm they seem to have for the Civic, carefully selecting a mixture of performance and OEM parts to build a flawless clean hatch.


Box shaped love: The EP71 Turbo

The starlet has always been known for a reliable little run around. The 70 series like the silver model pictured above has been well established as a cheap A to B run around and a nice little car to use for Auto testing and hot rodding. In the last few years we have seen the love for these little starlets grow more and more.  One of the reasons would be the fact they are cheap for the younger generation to insure and they are starting to get rare. The cars can be seen on websites like donedeal and similar and in some cases people can look for up to 2000 euros for them!


Straightliners Spring 2011 PT1

It was that time of year again to head from the very south of Ireland up to the north. Straight liners was about to begin again and we expected another turbo journey to lay ahead of us. Surprising enough this time around all the new motorways had been fully open and we actually made it from Waterford to Enniskillen in about 3 hours abiding by the speed limit. This is one of the most exciting drag racing events in Ireland, well to be honest there isn’t too many. The best thing about Straighliners is the fact that you just don’t know whats going to show up.


Web Mining: Rambey Racing ep91

Some of you may have certainly seen this ridiculous 850hp ep91 starlet from Denmark.


Events: Straightliners Enniskillen September 2010

The trip was nice and long, and it wasn’t looking very promising as the rain decided to pour down just before we made it to Enniskillen. Typical Irish weather which really isn’t the best of friends with drag racing.

Event: Enniskillen (now with added video)

So I had been following Magoo’s Turbo Dc2 build to where it would be finally tested, at Straightliners in Enniskillen. I decided to give a hand  the day before which ended up being an all nighter as we tried to get the car back together before it was trailered and brought up north. There was mapping going on right up till the car was loaded up. This is how strapped for time everyone was as the deadline crept up so quick.


Garage Life: More or less there.

Magoo’s car finally backs out from the land of the ferries. It will leave to go to the mountains to get mapped and where the final touches can be added.

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Garage Life: More Magoo

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