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Juicebox in Japan: Up Garage Hunting

During our trip to Japan, we ventured as many Up Garages as we came across. There was always one close to tuning shops and just after some food and a visit to Top Secret we spotted a relativly big one on the same street. Each one is completely different so its really a lucky dip, some are heavily packed with absolute gold whilst others were a little tamer, regardless there was always something of interest in each one of them.

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Driving from Ireland to Japan: PART TWO


Entering Mongolia during the Mongol Rally was an exciting moment for us all. We had survived police corruption in Kazakhstan..

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Driving from Ireland to Japan: PART ONE


So you are thundering across the desert in a 27 year old 1 litre Starlet you bought for a couple of hundred euro should you be worried? Of course not!

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Titan in Japan: 1jz meet @ Chiba Circuit

Tom and Ryo from Titan have just sent on some nice pic’s from a 1jz meet at the Chiba Circuit just outside of Tokyo.

Titan in Japan: NSX Meet

Ryo from Titan Auto Works managed to snap some cool pics at an NSX meet in the Gunma prefecture about two hours from Tokyo. A car that is regarded as one of Japans true proper sports cars. Its Also a car that is very rare on our shores. Check out some of the snaps.