In motion: Honda Day 2017

Honda day, Ireland 2017 in motion.

Shine bright


A treat for the eyes.

Airside Slide

The last few weeks have been pretty eventful. After just about two and a half years of living in Canada, I decided to make my way back to the motherland.

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Feature: Freshly Squeezed

The owner of this car over thinks, but this is possibly one of his best qualities, the attention to detail in this car is stunning, and only get better. It takes Barry a long time to think about where a sticker should be placed, what colour, if it will stick out too much, clash with other colours on the car, look right and be in the right place. I love this about Barry and his perception of how a car should look. The amount of thought that goes into each part of the car would scare most people but it’s what has helped him to slowly craft one of the best EK9’s in Ireland.


Feature: Face/Off


This EG6 has definitely come along way since the day it was purchased at the Primo dealership in Japan. The car started it life out as a Blue EG6 SIR. Jackie is a serious Honda enthusiast but also grew up in the very creative era of the early millennium. When custom transformations on cars was the norm.

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Garage Life: Jackie’s DC2 fronted EG6

Everybody in the Honda scene pretty much knows this car, it has caused quite the stir amongst people over the last year. This Friday we will have a full feature on this amazing Honda.


Car Feature: Spoon fed eg6


Some cars leave a real impact on you. I remember the first time I seen this car. It was a dark choppy winters night. It was parked amongst a decent collection of night lurker Hondas just off of the mouth of the port road in Waterford. The car just bounced against the cold winter night. The closer I walked to this little civic, the more intense it looked. I was shocked to see such genuine car…

Meets: Honda meet Waterford

To be honest there wasn’t a whole load of cars that showed up. Either because of the weather or because its Waterford and it may be a distance for people to travel. The weather was pulling its typical raining and sunny at the same time stuff so no one really knew what to do. Hopefully a meet happens soon that will bring some some more people. The good thing about this meet was that even though not so many showed up the cars that did were pretty fucking cool so everything worked out and made it worth while to feature.


Kanjo Civics

This should be done here haha…

Meets: Honda meet 09

I found these on my old pc thought they were gone. These i think were supposed to go in MIJ but never happened and i had stored them away. Here they are well the best ones. I was surprised to see that there was so many decent cars at that meet. Really, people had stepped it up and it seems the scene of buddy club and wings west body kitted smooth mobiles like these warriors with the delicious wolfrace katanas and the colour coded interior with them lovely f.u.k badges is becoming more of a rarity day by day.


Spoon 85 Civic (E-AT) Group A Spec

Power [email protected]
What a car.

The night life

Some nice cars out being cars at 3am. Cant get enough of the k20 powered eg6 with the spoon calipers. Check back for more pics of the eg6 soon and some more.

Spoon fn2

I don’t really like the new fn2 but spoons version is actually growing on me, its clean and subtle and just looks alot nicer then the standard euro version, if Tatsuru Ichisima has given his two cents at making it decent and has driven the shit out of it i guess it has to be good.