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The last few weeks have been pretty eventful. After just about two and a half years of living in Canada, I decided to make my way back to the motherland.

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Feature: Freshly Squeezed

The owner of this car over thinks, but this is possibly one of his best qualities, the attention to detail in this car is stunning, and only get better. It takes Barry a long time to think about where a sticker should be placed, what colour, if it will stick out too much, clash with other colours on the car, look right and be in the right place. I love this about Barry and his perception of how a car should look. The amount of thought that goes into each part of the car would scare most people but it’s what has helped him to slowly craft one of the best EK9’s in Ireland.


Feature: Face/Off


This EG6 has definitely come along way since the day it was purchased at the Primo dealership in Japan. The car started it life out as a Blue EG6 SIR. Jackie is a serious Honda enthusiast but also grew up in the very creative era of the early millennium. When custom transformations on cars was the norm.


He always wanted to do this conversion but wanted it to look factory. There is a common misconception amongst some people that this conversion is relativity simple, that its just a matter of popping off wings, head lights and bumpers and just swapping them over hoping everything will line up nicely. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


Others may have noticed that the original lines have been kept in the wings of this car from the EG6 and not the DC2. The DC2 has completely different body line to an EG6 and many of these conversions retain the Integra’s lines on the wing which once you notice it, really stands out. Already knowing about this problem, Jackie used the front end from the Integra wing and added it to the original civic wing; this would give the car a smooth flow all the way to the headlights using the original Civic body lines.


The front-end conversion is seamless but Jackie certainly wasn’t happy with just doing the conversion and calling it a day. He wanted to make sure this creation would stick out from the sea of blue and white Honda’s. The colour choice for this creation a metallic brown, something which would be the total opposite of anything done at the time.


The paint itself has a cool green tint when the sun comes out. The front end is lifted from a genuine Type R Integra and is accompanied by a Spoon Sports splitter and  a J’s Racing air duct. The badges have been removed also along with the plate recess. The front end is very simple and minimalistic.


At the side you might notice the EK9 skirts, which have been shortened and have capped ends to look factory. The skirts actually fit very nicely and complement the cars look. Some custom Gold Dohc Vtec decals fit in nicely with the colour brown. Spoon Sports mirrors have also been added to the mix.


At the back end to retain the very minimal look Jackie removed the badges and key lock. Some 50/50 backlights were installed and the rear wiper has also been deleted. This has created such a clean look on the rear end complimented by nothing more than a tow hook and shocker sticker.


Orange has made friends with the colour black and both of them make up a very nice theme to Jackie’s engine bay, something that contrast’s nicely with the brown exterior. The rocker cover has been smoothed and painted pearl orange to pop slightly from the gold. Complementing this is a Carbon spark plug cover., Jackie was pretty anal about this and got some orange Samco hosing to finish the bay. It looks awesome.


The engine build is equally as impressive for mixing and matching Honda parts with an array of GSR and Type R parts. Jackie has added an 1800 B18c GSR bottom end, 1600 PCT Civic Type R pistons, 1800 GSR conrods, and an 1800 GSR Crankshaft. On top of this is a 1600 Civc type R head and some Blox Racing cam gears. Allowing airflow into the engine is an Integra type R throttle body, attached to a Civic type r inlet manifold that’s been bored out to match the throttle body. Flowing into this is a J’s Racing Tsuchinoko air intake. For cooling the car has been fitted out with an Integra Type R Radiator and Tegiwa Cooling Panel.


Allowing the car to exhale is a 98 spec Integra Type R manifold. The car has been De-catted and has a 2 1/4 inch straight through stainless steel pipe attached to an Apexi N1 Back box. The straight through allows you to hear the B series note very distinctively! For gearing the EG has been treated with a 98 spec Integra Type R s80 gearbox, 98 spec 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears, 96 spec 4th and 5th with a 4.7 final drive.


Jackie has opted for a Integra Type R clutch and Flywheel, linkage, shifter and EK9 Drive shafts, the entire setup is controlled by an Integra Type R ECU. The build is truly a mismatch inside and out and it’s simply amazing. The amount of work put into the feel and driving experience of this car is outstanding.


This was a black Dash EG6 and Jackie has retained most of the creature comforts in the cockpit with the addition of small things like the Razo gear knob. Other Additions include the Bride Gias Low Max Graduation seat with its luscious Kevlar back.


The seat is mounted to a Bride super low rail. The passenger seat has been swapped out for an SI Integra model. For steering Jackie decided to go with a Momo Integra Type R wheel complimenting the Integra Type R carpet and floor mats, a play off of the front-end conversion.


The rear seats have been stripped out and the inside has been treated to a bright gold finish. This gold pops against the chrome Miracle X brace and J’s racing C Pillar Combo, which take up the rear of the car.


The car itself has been treated to a host of handling goodies. Up front the car has received a 3-point Tegiwa strut brace. Some K-sport coilovers, Blox racing Lower control arms and Beaks lower brace at the rear. Behind the front seats an autobahn B pillar brace has been added to further reduce body flex.


Standard brakes were more then enough stopping power for this EG6 so they were left alone. Finishing both looks and handling off on this car were some 15″ Drag DR20’s polished with black inserts wrapped in a Toyo R888’s in a 195/50profile.


Whether your are a fan of Honda’s or not there no denying how awesome this car is in terms of originality and build quality. Credit has to be given to Jackie for stepping outside of the Honda mold and trying something new and refreshing in both looks and performance.


The car is definitely quite modest looking to the average Joe, he probably wouldn’t notice anything more then its colour and front end. You almost have to read between the lines to see what’s really going on with this EG6.

The front-end conversion is definitely one of the best examples I’ve ever seen. Everything about this car just works, no matter what type of day or weather this car never fails to look the part. Its Easily one of Ireland’s finest all round EG6’s and definitely the perfect blend of Honda meets creativity. Good times.

Garage Life: Jackie’s DC2 fronted EG6

Everybody in the Honda scene pretty much knows this car, it has caused quite the stir amongst people over the last year. This Friday we will have a full feature on this amazing Honda.


Car Feature: Spoon fed eg6


Some cars leave a real impact on you. I remember the first time I seen this car. It was a dark choppy winters night. It was parked amongst a decent collection of night lurker Hondas just off of the mouth of the port road in Waterford. The car just bounced against the cold winter night. The closer I walked to this little civic, the more intense it looked. I was shocked to see such genuine car…

Meets: Honda meet Waterford

To be honest there wasn’t a whole load of cars that showed up. Either because of the weather or because its Waterford and it may be a distance for people to travel. The weather was pulling its typical raining and sunny at the same time stuff so no one really knew what to do. Hopefully a meet happens soon that will bring some some more people. The good thing about this meet was that even though not so many showed up the cars that did were pretty fucking cool so everything worked out and made it worth while to feature.


Kanjo Civics

This should be done here haha…

Meets: Honda meet 09

I found these on my old pc thought they were gone. These i think were supposed to go in MIJ but never happened and i had stored them away. Here they are well the best ones. I was surprised to see that there was so many decent cars at that meet. Really, people had stepped it up and it seems the scene of buddy club and wings west body kitted smooth mobiles like these warriors with the delicious wolfrace katanas and the colour coded interior with them lovely f.u.k badges is becoming more of a rarity day by day.


Spoon 85 Civic (E-AT) Group A Spec

Power [email protected]
What a car.

The night life

Some nice cars out being cars at 3am. Cant get enough of the k20 powered eg6 with the spoon calipers. Check back for more pics of the eg6 soon and some more.

Spoon fn2

I don’t really like the new fn2 but spoons version is actually growing on me, its clean and subtle and just looks alot nicer then the standard euro version, if Tatsuru Ichisima has given his two cents at making it decent and has driven the shit out of it i guess it has to be good.