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Isn’t it nice to be able to stand back and admire an inanimate chunk of metal? It has always fascinated me how these pressed pieces of metal can evoke certain emotions in us.

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In The Shadows


What makes a great RPs13? The 180sx has been around for over a quarter of a century, a car that is loved by so many it is essentially a mascot of the drifting world and we still just cant get enough of these things.

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White flame


Its not often you come across a good flame job on a Datsun, everything about this from the colour selection to the aero choice is absolutely on point. Its pretty hard to make a ridiculously memorable RPs13 these days, 12 years ago these guys had it on lock…

A Stocky Second Chance

It’s nice to see this car in its current guise. This was actually a car imported by a couple of friends in Waterford city. The car came to Ireland as a half loved Nissan, just like most RPS13’s their story is always a mystery. This example was bright pink, had over fenders, standard ae86 front wheels and a Bomex whale tale. Back then this car was laughed at, a bit of an ugly duckling. Like many cars at that time it vanished, many had thought it was dead forever, just like the fate of many Nissans but somehow it came back out of the wood work, and damn did it look good.


Hidden Treasures : Kazama Auto 180sx Demo Car

Another absolute beauty of a car, tucked away alongside the Cruise AE111 we featured last week is this Kazama Auto RPS13. I love these stories, this car has been in hiding for quite some time, bought in the boom for over fifteen grand and then hidden away as the owner was forced to head to the upside down land of work outside of our failing country. This car is pretty amazing in the flesh, and in the right hands, an immaculate white time capsule of Japanese built goodness, unmolested by the usual unaware Irish man.


Plastic Surgery

You just can’t get enough of a good looking 180sx. I don’t care what anyone says but when there is a perfectly styled example in front of your eyes it brings the same amount of excitement as anything else. Over the years Ireland has robbed its fair share of these from Japan, many have been drifted, and others have been butchered, others have been stored away and others have been done like this. The ones which have been styled this good are always a treat.


Random Juice: The Dying breed

A tasty looking drift slag!


Event: Juicebox BBQ: The Squeeze 2011

So we decided to get a bunch of friends together and have a Juicebox BBQ, a sort of thank you to everyone who has been down for the website and what we are doing over the last year or so. Things have been growing strongly with the site and its scary to think of just many people are down with the Box. The weather was on our side in what has to have been the worst summer in a very long time but we managed to get a good cross section of cars which that pretty much represented what the website is all about. As someone stated in the comments from the heatwave coverage, here at Juicebox were all about Photoshopped wheels on second hand cars from a dealership. Take a look and you will see what we mean.


Random Juice: The Arthur Exchange

Its hard I know but whats not to Enjoy this about this lady in rouge. Parked all alone but sitting right on an unusually awesome set of Rays Aurthur Exchange LK VIP wheels.

Feature: Mass Appeal


Finding an s13 like this in Ireland has started to get rare. Years ago the streets were flooded with s-bodies; everyone and their friend drove a Silvia or a 180sx. The recession kicked in and many who drove these cars were out of work and out of money. This led to a sudden change in the value of these cars, which inevitably led to them, being butchered. Ask yourself, how many nice s13’s are on the road today? On top of that how many of these cars are still daily driven?

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Titan in Japan: HKS Premium Day 2011

The guys over at Titan Auto works went to the HKS Premium day at Fuji speedway and sent on some cool pics.


What the Fuck Wednesday: Ferrarsx

There is always mixed reactions about this car.


What the fuck Wednesday: RPS13.534?

This is definitely a first, but to be honest it doesn’t look half bad.


What The Fuck Wednesday: 180 sex?

Ill start with the back of this freak show, now it maybe not be a 180sx, because it looks like more than likely this car is from Sweden. Its also been styled by a female it seems judging from where i found these snaps. To be honest its pretty hard to completely fuck up an s chassis. I mean really, to go and properly fuck one up this bad took true skill. The rear itself doesn’t really look that horrid, it just looks like 1999. But even at that shes already made a bad job as you can see the wings and quarter panes been nicely widened. She also opted for flushing the entire body which definitely just doesn’t work here and some essential Lexus lights. Its really one when we see the front that you almost collapse with fear and anger….


Track Day: Mondello Drift Practice Day 15/8/10

As we arrived down at 9 the fog was not moving . Behind the mist we could see the faint sun . The drivers were called up to the briefing and as they were finished the sun had brunt all the fog away . There are not many days were you can say you have worn a t-shirt in Mondello , as some say its one of the coldest places in Ireland but today was going to be a hot one.The day was as the title suggests about practice and anyone can do it . More>>>