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Juicebox in Japan: Cars for sale

Like I’ve discussed in previous posts, there is so much automotive content to take in when visiting Japan. On our journey, we spotted so many interesting car sales or car related businesses on the side of the road. If we tried to pull into all of them we would have gotten nowhere.

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Dark Chase


Black JZX100 lurking at┬áRudskogen.. stay tuned for a Gatebil feature coming very soon…

First Molding

Timeless EK3… Dunne and his soft spot for the EK chassis, this one is a winner.

KE attack

This little beauty was drowning in a sea of datsun metal… even took a hit, what a car.. big respect to the driver.

Black and White Smoke

This battle in Tullyroan was too good! Black and white pan shots are enjoyable..

Evil Twin

That ugly scary 4WD evil twin, locked in the basement… with Evo seven running gear and a ridiculous set of 18 x 10 SE37ks. Nothing inside but a seat, wheel and shifter… what a sick joke!

Oval pleasures…

Garage Wang

3 Spoke Thunder


Street light fighter

N/A Night Vibes

The Dark road, with that cold shitty Irish weather we love to hate…


Random Juice: TE37 x DC2

Random Juice: Wankel Pleasures

Ireland’s endangered species list no #34

Random Juice: Sunday Driver!

Those Sunday drivers….


Random Juice: Fuck the weather!

Wettest Irish summer ever…. fuck it lets go out and play