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Juicebox in Japan: Top Secret G Corp

After our visit to RWB we pushed on further into the outskirts of Tokyo. One shop which was not too far from RWB is called G Corporation, another on the must-see list for a long time, we had to go. I’ve always been a huge fan of their S-Chassis kits and outlandish paint work.

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So a fresh year is upon us with the Irish automotive calendar. We decided to check out what was happening and modified live. IDC was in full swing and as we discussed before, the event gets more than its share of coverage so it’s unnecessary for us to be giving it full coverage.

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Juicebox in Japan: Steal a Persons Heart

We found it hard to sleep the first night. The anticipation was a little overwhelming. I haven’t had that many situations as I grew old where I had butterflies like being a kid, excited about the unknown of what you may encounter the next day, imagination was running wild.

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Juicebox BBQ: The Squeeze 2016

Juicebox BBQ: The Squeeze PT1


Where to begin really? This whole thing started as an idea few weeks back, well a concrete idea that is. This plan literally fell into place in less than ten days.

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Memory Capsules


Im often overwhelmed by the whole idea of importing cars from Japan. Over the last few years on the website, I’ve rambled enough about just how interesting I find the whole process. This little gold Skyline is a classic case of that. Lets just take a step back for a moment, anyone of you out there that has ever built a car, put all that work into it, with friends, family, the people you have met, the people you shared those experiences with, the jobs you worked to save the money to buy those parts, the late late nights of frustration and anger, accompanied by the days of utter joy you shared behind the wheel….

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The Abandoned Cars of Fukushima

It has been almost four years since the tragic disaster in Japan. As a car head, like many of you reading this, apart from all the chaos and sadness that followed the disaster on March 11th 2011, we cant help but be fascinated by all that radioactive Japanese metal that was left behind. Google was kind enough to creep in and drive the streets year after year, which is amazing. I have spent hours cruising the streets looking for stuff but I have to give credit o my little brother for hunting out a lot of these, both of us would spend hours cruising down streets spotting stuff.  We did one of these posts before and people really enjoyed it, so here is another collection of Cars that will probably never move again.

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Double Zilla

Sometimes you never know what you are going to get in an email. A couple of months back we received an email from a young fan of the site telling us about how his father owns not one but two Nissan GTR’s. In Ireland the GTR is not exactly a common site to begin with so after a quick exchange of details we decided to pack the car and head to Cashel to check this out for ourselves. I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing; this was a pretty awesome sight to behold.


Event: Mondello Drift Day 15-1-12

Sunday the 15th of January saw another drift practise day at Mondello park. The best thing about these drift days is pretty much any type of contraption can be seen on the track along with skill level.Pretty much anyone with a rear wheel drive car can enjoy an open pit all day and a tyre changing service. With the rising cost of tax, petrol and pretty much everything else in Ireland, we are seeing more and more cars hitting the track never to return to the road again.


Random Juice: The land of cheese

On a drive through the land of cheese aka Michelstown Co Cork we stumbled upon this stunning Gold GTR as it pulled out of a service station and headed off down the road. Like a child over reacting we tried our hardest to track down the owner in the next 30 minutes just to have a chat with him as you don’t see these beauties very often on the roads any more due to the Irish government screwing people for Tax. After a bit of help we managed to track down the owner and have a small chat, took a photo of the car which is one of the nicest BNR32’s we’ve ever come across sitting on a set of CST Hyper wheels I haven’t seen to many pairs of over the years seen here an a very delicious offset. Always nice to be surprised by a 32 GTR, and even better when its a stunner, more on this work in progress over the coming year!

New years Driftfest at Watergrasshill

So its a new year, and weve taken a little sort of break from the website, mainly because life got a little hectic. What better way to start the new year with a bit of drift action. We trucked down towards Watergrass hill for the driftfest which has been gaining some serious steam each time this event. It makes for an exciting watch as pretty much any type of rear wheel drive car can be seen tearing it up with a driver of any skill level.

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Titan in Japan: Damn you

Looking good there Mr Kawasaki.

Videos: Shuto Kousoku Trial the series.

If your pondering the internet bored this evening you should sit down grab some food and enjoy this classic snippet of early Japanese street racing. Megalopolis Expressway Trial or Shuto Kousoku is a series of films about illegal street racing on the Shuto Expressway in Japan released between 1988 and 1996.

Event: Japfest 2011 PT1

So it has to be openly said this was one of the best events the country had seen in a long time. The most important part was the amount of effort people put in the make it to the show.The recession was winning the battle and probably still is in many minds when it comes to cars. Things were looking very gloomy but I have to admit, heatwave and then Japfest brought a very positive vibe back into the scene.


Juicebox TV : Mondello Drift Magic

Some footage from the drift day which was held in Mondello the last weekend of July.