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Irish Drift Championship, Round 2

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IDC Round One : Mondello


Its a new season for drifting, a new name, new cars and new people. On Juicebox we are going to try and get more people on board, something that was the original plan but with more and more photographers popping up each event we would like to get some people together to help out on the website. This time we have the shutterspeed eye through the lens on the event, things should get interesting. On another note, Brian Egans car is amazing!


Oval pleasures…

Juicebox TV: The Prodrift Finale

Juicebox TV: Prodrift Round 4: The Oval

Prodrift Round 4: The Oval from juice box on Vimeo.

Event: Bavaria in the City

I almost forgot these pictures were on the harddrive… I was asked to come shoot a video for the Bavaria in the city, so it would have been a shame not to bring the picture camera also to get some snaps. The day itself had massive potential, its just this Quality Irish summer which made it somewhat of a misery. Julian Smiths Mac tools 34 was over for the weekend for a drift display which was going to be happening on the streets of Dublin, a very rare opportunity for the Prodrift guys.


Juicebox TV: Punchestown 2012

Punchestown 2012 in video…

Click here if it does not work in your country, make sure to watch in HD. Cheers!

Event: Punchestown 2012

The second round of Prodrift took place at Punchestown. This year all of the elements were very un-Irish. The track was long and fast as hell, and the heat was definitely borrowed from Spain or somewhere warm for the weekend. Getting scorched in the unfamiliar sun was something you couldn’t really complain about as cars did one or two laps of a set of tires. It was a nice sight to behold indeed.


Juicebox TV: The Siege of Ennis

Prodrift Round 1 2012: The siege of Ennis PT1

After a somewhat silent winter it was nice to see the crowds and drivers arrive at Ennis. We all know what the recession is doing to the car scene, every Evo, skybus and Silvia has been replaced by TDI power, which in ways has brought some interesting stuff as people explore new car platforms but the fuel prices and Tax has and loss of jobs has crippled pretty much a mega chunk of the Irish scene. This is why I have to give the utmost respect to any driver competing this year….


Juicebox TV: Prodrift 2012

The dates have been announced and its shaping up to be another enjoyable year for Irish drifting with the usual favourite places and a date announced in the north! Roll on the good times!

Event: Prodrift Finale 2011

Its hard to think that another year of Prodrift has passed us so quickly. To be fair we were off to a fantastic start with Ennis weather wise. The typical Irish early good weather which results in a summer of rain as punishment, this didnt stop competition and even though Juicebox didnt make it to two of the events the finale in Mondello more than made up for it.


Event: Japfest 2011 PT1

So it has to be openly said this was one of the best events the country had seen in a long time. The most important part was the amount of effort people put in the make it to the show.The recession was winning the battle and probably still is in many minds when it comes to cars. Things were looking very gloomy but I have to admit, heatwave and then Japfest brought a very positive vibe back into the scene.


Prodrift Round 2 2011: Fermoy PT2

The weather looked gloomy all day, and many feared rain. Somehow or another nature decided not to be horrible as usual leave drifting alone for the day in Fermoy. The gloom and dull weather didn’t stop some epic battles taking place which in turn made the crowd forget about the dullness and greyness. Instead drifting put a smile on peoples faces and that’s what its all about.


Prodrift Round 2 2011: Fermoy PT1

This year the weather was looking super dodgy, we didn’t get a chance to make it down on Saturday but on Sunday morning as we hit the road it was already looking to be a shit day. Somehow the rain staid in the clouds and it turned out to be another awesome day in Cork. The Drift Ireland guys basically had the entire “show and shine” type of area from last year to themselves apart from one accord. Nickys Trueno is out of this world sexy and was hidden in between Pete’s GS pimp wagon and that beautiful 180 we should do a feature on.