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Feature: Plain and Simple

For Ireland, a car like this is somewhat ahead of its time… It’s almost a vision of what someone will do in twenty years from now, when there won’t be a whole amount of these Nissans on the road… Everything about this car is not the ordinary guise for an s14 Silvia… The car is not covered in cable ties, doesn’t have ropey panels and isn’t what you would call a drift slag, which by all means is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but what is awesome about this car is how it was planned out and built, everything is super subtle and looks almost factory.


Feature: From Rags to Riches

The phrase “from rags to riches” was the last thing I wanted to call this feature, but the more Peter told me the story I couldn’t believe how the car had turned out. Eventually I realised after trying to come up with something a little bit more imaginative, this car truly earned the title. The common build we see in the United States of a bog standard civic being converted into a flawless masterpiece in both the exterior and interior is really something that has only started to come around over here in Ireland over the last few years.


Meet: Honda Meet @ Midway court

So last sunday brought another Honda meet up in Portlaoise in the carpark at Midway court, the good thing about Midway court is it has a subway and is very central for everyone from all different counties to make the trip. I know your wondering about the picture above also, we managed to get stuck in a High nellie world record on the way up, which was extremely amusing to say the least.I really had no idea there was that many High nellie’s left not to mention useable! I’m sure they bet the record as there really wouldnt be any comparison!


Feature: Raising DA Standard

This DA6 needs no introduction. I’m sure most people throughout the Irish car scene know this car. When Darren was building this car he aimed beyond the standard many people set for themselves here in Ireland, there was no limits or false ceiling.

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Feature: Minty Freshness

The phrase “built not bought” is a common collection of words thrown around in today’s car scene. Many cars proudly wear the sticker and it’s become almost a trend in itself to say your car was built not bought. This car is the true definition of that phrase. The owner of this car Neil wanted to go his own route, always being interested in the JDM/US hatch scene he decided to make his purchase. A 01 Mitsubishi Colt would become his canvas. Ireland has a great deal of love for the Honda and the Toyota, and it’s no lie that these dominate the hatch scene here whilst Honda dominates the Hatch scene in the US. I’ve always wondered what it would be like if an American Honda owner got his hands on a Colt/Mirage and built one with the same love and enthusiasm they seem to have for the Civic, carefully selecting a mixture of performance and OEM parts to build a flawless clean hatch.


FF Squad

Pursuit of FF SQUAD from FF Squad on Vimeo.

Mean Del-Sol

I think its rare to get an aggressive looking Del Sol There shaped like a bar of soap which isisnt a bad thing its just there not a mean looker. This one is deffo an exception with its all black exterior it just looks serious. Wheels are 949 Racing 6ULs 15×9 +36 with spacers on 225/45 tires. No stretch stretchy stuff going on here. Strictly function happening with this.

Holy Mugen rr

Theres a lot of goodness here. Not big on the first car in the rear shot, probably because those style of wheel are raped here but none the less some cool pics from the land of this.


Meets: Honda meet 09

I found these on my old pc thought they were gone. These i think were supposed to go in MIJ but never happened and i had stored them away. Here they are well the best ones. I was surprised to see that there was so many decent cars at that meet. Really, people had stepped it up and it seems the scene of buddy club and wings west body kitted smooth mobiles like these warriors with the delicious wolfrace katanas and the colour coded interior with them lovely f.u.k badges is becoming more of a rarity day by day.


Ebisu again

And why not aye. Id love to live there.

Skyline car

Ken Fujii’s Widebody NSX

This is definitely one angry nsx, it goes to show you can get away with anything in japan and it will look cool, but if that came to Ireland i wouldn’t think it would have such a positive response mainly because heroes do this type of work to vaxhaull astras and corsas and then thats the kind of shit that flashes through your head. But as long as it stays in Japan its intense and i guess it will stay cool.


“The technical wheel” wow that sounds really fancy cant wait for them to come out. Nah really though what a cool little poster. They definitely don’t make shit like they used to or maybe its just me, but this new cr-z just doesent have the look of the ef8 crx. Dont get me wrong it might eventually grow on everyone but cars for sure are definitely becoming more and more shitty and futuristic looking.

Mugen have unveiled there new mugen line for the cr-z which looks good i guess and spoon seem to have the car on their catalogue on there japan site ready for stuff but compared to the crx this looks like a Citroen c4 van at the rear. It just doesn’t have that same raw look that other Hondas have had over the years. I know some day everyone will have to drive little battery cars and stuff but cant they still make them look some way aggressive or less bubbly and less like every other car. I cant imagine someone ripping one of these apart and building it into a race car at the minute. Listening to the roar of a b18 or whatever engine this is going to get around a track in a a stripped out shell. Maybe im full of shit and id say im wrong but at the end of the day its new and the old has already been proven. This car to some people will look amazing and i wasnt around to think about the crx when that came out i bet people said the same thing. I guess id just take the ss works crx over any crz any day haha and we will just have to wait and see how the cr-z goes.


Spoon 85 Civic (E-AT) Group A Spec

Power [email protected]
What a car.

Nice bays

Not really a full bay shot but this is good enough.