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In motion: Honda Day 2017

Honda day, Ireland 2017 in motion.

Long live Vtec: Honda Day 2017 PT2

As much as I enjoy seeing a stationary Honda, it’s hard to beat the sound of a B-series screaming around a track.

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So a fresh year is upon us with the Irish automotive calendar. We decided to check out what was happening and modified live. IDC was in full swing and as we discussed before, the event gets more than its share of coverage so it’s unnecessary for us to be giving it full coverage.

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Finger on the Pulse


Events in Ireland really do bring out the gems, it gives people an excuse to get their pride and joy out for the day. With all the heat being on the IDC event we took a cruise through the paddock to see what was about.

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Japfest 2013

Another year another Japfest, the time when anything can come out of the woodwork to say hello.


Modified Live 2013


We decided to try and make it to the first event on the car calendar this year… round one of the IDC and Modified Live… Mondello’s own idea of a car show that to say the least looked like a bare version of Japfest… Even saying that a few unusual beasts made an appearance that more or less made the trip worth it.


AE86 Track Day 2013


Ah, another AE86 track day. Anyone who follows this blog will know how much we enjoy this chassis. Anytime there is a track day for the 86 movement it always brings a very interesting selection of cars.

Ireland has to have one of the most solid loves for the AE86 in the world. We literally stole thousands of them from Japan. On top of buying these out of Japan we have all the goodies and people around the country manage to build some incredible examples time and time again. No other movement inside the car scene seems to be as good.


Carelessness is great enemy

Its amazing just how good the older generation of Toyota’s have aged, with everything being so mass produced these days and designed by a team or panel, the older more humble econo cars of the eighties with their simplistic designs for some reason get better with age. Who would have thought a Corolla wagon would have this much of a presence thirty two years later with the addition of a few bits and pieces?

Juicebox TV: The Prodrift Finale

Event: Japfest 2012…..

Ah good old Japfest… where to begin, this is the third year we have covered this event on Juicebox. It’s sort of the be all end the entire car scene as a whole at the end of every year. Everything and anything can come out of the woodwork and be on display, many a time I’ve been shocked, left scratching my head wondering where the fuck that did car come from. That feeling is one that I’ve always loved about the Irish car scene, we as a tiny little country was saturated with awesome cars from Japan that you never actually know what’s hiding down a dodgy little back lane, or hiding in some farm somewhere in Kerry…. With the “road car” scene falling down around us… it’s ironic that the drift scene is flourishing, we are spitting out some of the best drivers ever… going up against some of the world’s best.


Event: AE86 Day 2012

Ah, where to begin…. if you didn’t know this by know, Ireland has a very very impressive AE86 following, when the flood gates from Japan opened back around 00, we pretty much imported any type of AE86 we could get our hands on and this continued for about eight years, right up until the country’s economy shat itself. Any proper day like the one that is somewhat annually held at Mondello brings some of the most awesome pieces of Japanese steel from around the country and this was as good as it gets.

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Juicebox TV: Prodrift 2012

The dates have been announced and its shaping up to be another enjoyable year for Irish drifting with the usual favourite places and a date announced in the north! Roll on the good times!

Event: Mondello Drift Day 15-1-12

Sunday the 15th of January saw another drift practise day at Mondello park. The best thing about these drift days is pretty much any type of contraption can be seen on the track along with skill level.Pretty much anyone with a rear wheel drive car can enjoy an open pit all day and a tyre changing service. With the rising cost of tax, petrol and pretty much everything else in Ireland, we are seeing more and more cars hitting the track never to return to the road again.


Event: Prodrift Finale 2011

Its hard to think that another year of Prodrift has passed us so quickly. To be fair we were off to a fantastic start with Ennis weather wise. The typical Irish early good weather which results in a summer of rain as punishment, this didnt stop competition and even though Juicebox didnt make it to two of the events the finale in Mondello more than made up for it.


Event: Japfest Carpark watch 2011

It has to be said that Japfest 2011 was such a good day, not because team need for speed came to town… which don’t get me wrong was a good part of it too, the amount of people and cars that showed up was really something. It just goes to show that the scene is still holding it down regardless of this economic bullshit. Everyone should give themselves a pat on the back for effort. The car park usually has just as much interesting machines as the show your attending, that’s why here at Juicebox we love lurking the car park to see what the people are driving.