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You can see the inspiration from Nakai everywhere with Alex.  He was the first person to enquire about bringing Nakai and build an RWB car outside of Japan. The result was Royal Ocean that you can see here, this was the first one to be built in Canada.

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Airside Slide

The last few weeks have been pretty eventful. After just about two and a half years of living in Canada, I decided to make my way back to the motherland.

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7’s Day Special

abrx14It seemed fitting that we drop this feature today with it being the unofficial day to celebrate the Mazda RX-7. By now the 7’s day event in Japan has already taken place, and the internet is being flooded with pictures of everything in attendance.

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Automotive Overload – Gatebil PT3

Back to the final installment of Gatebil, the complete madness that funnily enough you start to get used to somehow.


Affection, metal and age.

A Couple of months ago leaving a car park I snapped this simple clean timeless RPs13 directly in front of a Mazda 323, both cars from the same era and similar manufacturers. Its always amusing how some cars are so well designed, live on as classics and are more popular than the day they rolled out of the factory. This picture will always stay with me just because the 323 will never have the presence of the 180, and was growing moss in the corner, whilst this 180 will possibly stay this good for a few years to come.

Now we all know that Mazda has made some amazing cars but you cant help but get a kick out out of the A to B cars which come and go from companies, stick around for a period and tehn completely vanish, then we have the cars which may have had the same faith but gain a cult following. Its fascinating how the brain can get excited and affectionate over a chunk of metal which has been crafted and pressed into different shapes and completely disregard another….

Down & Out

It’s always nice to get emails about possible features, especially something along the lines of this Subtle Eunos Roadster and other less played with chassis in this country. Once I had seen a few pictures of this coming together over at Team Chihuahua I knew we needed to organise a shoot.


Feature: Lone Soldier

The one thing that always gets me excited about running this website is the amount of surprise cars which pop up that I just have to see in person. Ireland is action packed full of surprise builds. Owners who really build cars for themselves are what get me excited the most. Similar to the KE70 we featured a few months back, this RX7 appeared on the internet out of nowhere and when it appeared in my news feed I had to find out its story. Throughout the boom Ireland purchased its fair share of these beauties but the common feeling amongst people towards these cars is fear, due to the Rotary engine set-ups which was a relatively new thing to Ireland… Most car enthusiasts would have a fear of these cars because of the high maintenance which would steer people most of them away from ever really touching such an incredible looking chassis.


Event: Punchestown 2012

The second round of Prodrift took place at Punchestown. This year all of the elements were very un-Irish. The track was long and fast as hell, and the heat was definitely borrowed from Spain or somewhere warm for the weekend. Getting scorched in the unfamiliar sun was something you couldn’t really complain about as cars did one or two laps of a set of tires. It was a nice sight to behold indeed.


New years Driftfest at Watergrasshill

So its a new year, and weve taken a little sort of break from the website, mainly because life got a little hectic. What better way to start the new year with a bit of drift action. We trucked down towards Watergrass hill for the driftfest which has been gaining some serious steam each time this event. It makes for an exciting watch as pretty much any type of rear wheel drive car can be seen tearing it up with a driver of any skill level.

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Event: Japfest Carpark watch 2011

It has to be said that Japfest 2011 was such a good day, not because team need for speed came to town… which don’t get me wrong was a good part of it too, the amount of people and cars that showed up was really something. It just goes to show that the scene is still holding it down regardless of this economic bullshit. Everyone should give themselves a pat on the back for effort. The car park usually has just as much interesting machines as the show your attending, that’s why here at Juicebox we love lurking the car park to see what the people are driving.


Video: The Mazda Story

Juicebox TV: Ennis in motion

Watch in HD for more of the fun.

Video: Drift Unions – Night Moves

Drift Unions – Night Moves 2010 Video from Shawn Browne on Vimeo.

Looks like an Awesome time…. now whose up for an Irish one?

Random Juice: Evil MX5/Roadster

This has to be the meanest looking Mazda MX5/roadster ever. You usually couldnt say that about these cars, even though they can look extremely tasty and handle as if it were on rails, they usually don’t come across as beastly as this.


Random Juice: Milky Mazda