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Enjoy the Silence

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Juicebox in Japan: Scanning Ebisu

So if you have been following these Japan features so far you get the idea they have been pretty in-depth. Each has about 40-50 images. I found it extremely difficult to scale it back any further,  I’m always the guy that’s eager for more shots…

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Juicebox in Japan: Ebisu and Power Vehicles

After the chaos of the night before, we almost forgot about the full day that lay ahead. The King of Asia drift series which was taking place at Ebisu circuit was happening, it was the reason we were up around these parts.

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Rounded Pleasures

On a rare sunny evening we a few months back we got together to appreciate this JZX90 Mark II. A fresh enough import into the country it was one of the very few x90 Mark II’s that really grabbed my attention.

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Out of the Darkness : Japfest 2016 PT2


As most of us tend to stay in our circles amongst the scene, a lot of cars never really come out of hiding for us to be exposed to here at Juicebox. This little B series is stunning.

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Juicebox BBQ: The Squeeze PT2


A lot of people made it down regardless of situations that sprang up which either on the day or close to it.  Somehow the weather was on our sides which enticed people to make the journey down. I genuinely would not have held the event if there was a monsoon of Irish rain.

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Dairy Milk Silk


Here is Killians Cresta we features awhile back, now in its new skin. Freshened up and looking sharp. Sharleen caught a few nice snaps of this beast fresh out of the oven.
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Strictly Business

This car is awesome…. The Toyota popped up once or twice over the years since it was imported in various magazines and forums and I had always wanted to see it in the flesh. The car just looks gangster like it’s up to no good… but for all the right reasons. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Jzx90 Cresta… it is considered the more gangster of the x90 collection and when Ireland had its import boom not too many of these were snatched from the auctions. Any that actually made it to Ireland were either stock or had light modifications. This one is loaded with goodies, and for a good reason, a nice properly used pimp machine.

Titan in Japan: 1jz meet @ Chiba Circuit

Tom and Ryo from Titan have just sent on some nice pic’s from a 1jz meet at the Chiba Circuit just outside of Tokyo.