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Juicebox TV: Its not dead yet!

Web Mining: Fifth wheel

Maybe they should bring this back haha

What the Fuck Wednesday: Roush Trainer

Usually when a car company tries to branch out and build something else for the market, they usually shouldn’t go this way, because Roush builds parts for Ford mustangs Id imagine they thought they could do something amazing for the actual horses this time around.

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Oni Camber!

Oni ( 鬼 ) is the Japanese word for demon or ogre. When it comes to cars, it’s about running the absolute craziest amount of camber possible and in the pursuit of going over the top,

This has become quite popular these last few weeks when we were building the site. If you havent seen this already you have now hahaha.

Check it out at

Some more funtime adverts

You have to love the Japanese and the over the top adverts they make with the worst songs ever. Its such an amazing mix that makes them a country that the whole world looks at with awe. They have mad so many commercials that we have never seen and while we are bored to death with ads about fiat puntos and Renault va va voom fuck off ads, They had adverts about 4 dour skylines drifting and hilarious American actors with over the top Music from the west which makes the best ad to watch in between anything. Ive got together some of the best that we’ve come across and stuck em here for entertainment. You may have seen them you may not, either way take a look again at how your car was being advertised in the land of the rising sun.


Be nice to your car.

Choose the right wheels for your car, or else it will commit suicide like this integra….

New bottle holder dish

New bottle holder 9000

Also available in pink.

Low burger

You just have to love this

Some Aussie stuff.

Flip has been soaking the shit out of the sun in the land down under and has sent me some cool pics. I’m jealous i wouldn’t mind a break from Ireland just for a small bit  also. Seems Queensland has some serious cars.

Wish we had some of these on our shores….

Tidy rps13 on meisters

Wouldnt is be nice to have gtrs like this parked up here haha.

R32 lurking in the night.

They even look cool stock with that shitty early nineteens windows 95 paint scheme which you have to love.

Ah yes! Weather which is rare on this side of the world. When we get this the whole country comes to a halt, tells everyone to fuck off and goes to the beach hahaha.

Looks like flip snapped up a car i was just watching in a video that seems to be sort of famous. That’s kind of creepy. Check out this drift video from down under and please check that s13 with that serious stance going flat out.  Its an amazing looking car. Its also amazing when people build cars like that which look like they would never hit the track but are out there going flat.

I had to save the best for last. What  a beast. Give me this hog any day with them smooth rims and that front bumper which would make Vin Diesel cum in his pants. This is a serious 1999 car which ran away from the Fast and the Furious and went to Australia…. Maybe its runs ten seconds also?… Just maybe..  Well that’s Australia or some of it through flips camera. Good job on the hunting of the cars man.

Previa – estima drift.

This is hilarious

Free Candy

Caterpillar ef

Looks like caterpillars love the fuck out of this ef in the netherlands. Theyve attacked it and decided to make a nest out of it. It happens once a year and the local council dont want anything to do with it haha. Looks fucked up.


While were on the subject this picture is so funny/cool

Good night.

Just gonna get a taxi home, oh wait here is one now.

Japfest 09

The rain was pretty fucking heavy on the day which was a shame. The only real thing i can remember from it was magoo trying out for the photographers and posing pretty smooth. haha

Good shit.

Definitely a better job hahaha