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Adrian’s delicious DC2 wearing a more subtle daily driver exterior….

Juicebox : A year in Review

Time has become quiet precious over the last few years, coming home from nine to ten hours a day of commuting and work and then finding the enthusiasm for sitting down to edit photographs and articles for this site has certainly been a challenge, I have to sacrifice a few things, but I really believe its worthwhile.

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A quick fly by… Jackies DC2 wearing all the right bits… More on this stunner very soon.

Out of the Darkness : Japfest 2016 PT1


Being away for a few years I really didn’t know what top expect at Japfest this year, if you were following the nonsense on the Instagram story, we went a little over board but it was with no regrets. Japfest an end of year calendar for most of the stuff we are into and most of the cars either come off of the road or go into hibernation for the winter.

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Shine bright


A treat for the eyes.

Feature: The Red Cocktail


We love a good back-story to a car. I had the privilege of bumping into Adrian and his UKITR a few months ago and it was such a treat to hear about this DC2 and the story behind it.

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Modified Live 2013


We decided to try and make it to the first event on the car calendar this year… round one of the IDC and Modified Live… Mondello’s own idea of a car show that to say the least looked like a bare version of Japfest… Even saying that a few unusual beasts made an appearance that more or less made the trip worth it.


Random Juice: TE37 x DC2

Random Juice: Resume Game….

So you may have been aware that the Juicebox website was on pause for the last month, this was due to some stuff that was going that took up pretty much all our time outside of the website… We apologise to those that were waiting… stay tuned for a truck load of updates and features coming over the next few weeks….

Juicebox TV: The Hunt For Perfection

Most of you should know this car by know, in my eyes its one of the best EG6s this country has ever seen, with its unique front end conversion from a DC2 to its brown paint job which was unheard of in Ireland when car was sprayed, sparking others to go down a similar route. The car has always been progressing towards the perfect car, daily driven on some of the most horrible roads in Ireland and sitting low enough to look amazing, I have nothing but respect for Jackie and his quest to build his ultimate Civic. Wr put this video together, just to showcase how it looks at present, but believe me this will just keep evolving and help push the car scene in the right direction.

Car Spotting: Who’s the Rarest of them all?

This Pheonix Yellow 98 Spec DC2 has been around for a few years now, a daily driven car which has been kept more or less standard. Many of you will know just how incredibly rare a Genuine Yellow DC2 is, and more of you will also know just how rare the yellow Recaro’s from factory in this yellow beauty are. The entire car has remained intact since 1999.


Event: Tullow Drag Days: 17/7/11

I hate to open a post with a picture of rain, but I guess that’s just apart of our culture in Ireland, rain creeps into pretty much any interest or outdoor social event. Its always bound to creep up on you when you least expect it or want it. We decided to make the trip up to Tullow, a place where many of you know by now you can pay to drag race to your hearts content all day till you run out of fuel or maybe something else. We ended up missing Prodrift and Enniskillen due to some unforeseen circumstances, but that’s what happens.


Meets: Old School Honda Meet

We decided to take a trip to Portlaoise, its usually the best place for everyone to meet as its a pretty central part of Ireland to get people to show up. The biggest problem it seems these days when it comes to car meet’s is a decent turn up. What was good about this meet was even though there wasnt a crazy turnout the quality of some of the cars that showed up was awesome.


Straightliners Spring 2011 PT1

It was that time of year again to head from the very south of Ireland up to the north. Straight liners was about to begin again and we expected another turbo journey to lay ahead of us. Surprising enough this time around all the new motorways had been fully open and we actually made it from Waterford to Enniskillen in about 3 hours abiding by the speed limit. This is one of the most exciting drag racing events in Ireland, well to be honest there isn’t too many. The best thing about Straighliners is the fact that you just don’t know whats going to show up.


Car Spotting: Bug Eye Love

A car that gets little love in Ireland is the Bug eye Integra, many have shunned the car or spend money like the Americans on conversion’s . It seems four eyes lurk in the shadown of the famous brother.