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From the other side of the globe:


I love cars that literally appear out of nowhere. This KE70 appeared in some photos online one day and literally blew us away. At First I thought it was just another really well put together Corolla from the Internet, little did I know this was actually on Irish shores. I was pretty eager to take a closer look.

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Elusive Interchange


This little unassuming E90 corolla started its life as a rather mundane commute machine. Corollas from the eighties and the 90s were like Lego, literally so much stuff plugs and crosses over its fascinating.

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Make Art – The RYO AE86


It’s no secret that we here at Juicebox have a serious love affair with the AE86. There is just something about these cars, the spirit, the reward, and the simplicity, all embodied in a very genuine very simple, honest little chassis.

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Stories: The Deep end of Professional Drifting, a trip to Long Beach.


It was April 8th 2014; I had completely misplaced myself in a foreign land, which I was going to call home for the foreseeable future. I had always wanted to make my way down to a round of Formula D and after a few talks it was actually happening.

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Running Deep : Toyota Gatherings

A bunch of very diverse friends gathering to make their way to the Annual Classic Old school Toyota run…..

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The Caretaker

Dave has had this car for almost ten or more years. In this world we never really own our cars, if the car is maintained well it will eventually pass hands when we are gone. This car has always been special to me because it gave me such inspiration over the years, back when the car scene was infected with filler and ICE installs, this Corolla had come in from Japan land stripped out with Advan A3A’s at the back and Longchapms at the front. Straight away it looked cool, a little track slut with odd shoes, something I had never seen before. It was silver low and ignorant looking, the complete opposite to every Max Power machine around at the time.


Mint Coupe

Dave’s car is well known amongst the 86 community in Ireland. Being one of the founding members of Garage Hachi, quite a hot blog up until a year ago, the guys have always had a serious eye for the right parts and have a true love for the 86 chassis.


Why hello there…


One of the sheds residents, the KE55 came out for some air today. You sometimes forget its beauty, living mostly for the cold months under covers.

Left or Right?

Which would you pick?

Carelessness is great enemy

Its amazing just how good the older generation of Toyota’s have aged, with everything being so mass produced these days and designed by a team or panel, the older more humble econo cars of the eighties with their simplistic designs for some reason get better with age. Who would have thought a Corolla wagon would have this much of a presence thirty two years later with the addition of a few bits and pieces?

Street light fighter

Event: AE86 Day 2012

Ah, where to begin…. if you didn’t know this by know, Ireland has a very very impressive AE86 following, when the flood gates from Japan opened back around 00, we pretty much imported any type of AE86 we could get our hands on and this continued for about eight years, right up until the country’s economy shat itself. Any proper day like the one that is somewhat annually held at Mondello brings some of the most awesome pieces of Japanese steel from around the country and this was as good as it gets.

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Random Juice: Runx

Spotted this beast awhile back outside an off license in Naas, rocking some Rays TRD sports T3’s and a nice kit. Awesome!

Car Spotting: The Coolest Run around?

When most people think of a run around car, especially in the Irish car scene they wind up purchasing something cheap and efficient, something that gets them from A to B that little bit cheaper whilst the pride and joy parked up. When I found out this AE92 was a run about I was shocked.


Random Juice: Off comes the dust

Aside from many things people and automobiles exiting the country as we talked about in a very gloomy right up during the week, its always nice to see someone come out with a truly unique project to keep things a little more positive in these strange times. This KE55 has been in the making for just over a year or so now and it was nice to wash the dust off and get it out in the open air for the night. We will have the full feature soon once the final touches are added with quite a collection of other features which we have lined up for you over the coming weeks…. stay tuned!