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Change is good




Like most things in life as the years pass certain things tend to change and the car scene is one of them things. Every year certain looks come in and out of fashion and different wheel companies bring out new wheels and everyone decides to change their car’s look for the year ahead. That is just what Emmett the owner of this Polo 6N has done. Now if you have a good memory and can remember all the way back to 2012 you may remember we featured this Polo during the summer of 2012. Although I won’t be surprised if you don’t remember it as it has completely changed over the past three years and the changes made are certainly an improvement.

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People build cars for many different reasons, some people do it for personal reasons, others do it for bragging rights, other people do it to have something to do with friends, it takes many different humans to piece together this puzzle we call the car world. The owner of this Civic, Leon would fall into the category of personal, something he can look back at and be proud of, even if no one is watching. When he wanted to put together an EK9 he looked to both Japan and the US for inspiration.

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The Work Van


You have to enjoy people like Davy, people who can’t leave things alone, people that go near stuff and know only the right way to make it out the other side. Take his “work van” for example, I remember when he picked this up from Paddy McGrath and started tearing around in it. As vehicle Bodywork is his profession it wasn’t long before the van was stripped down, with plans already hatched.


A Stocky Second Chance

It’s nice to see this car in its current guise. This was actually a car imported by a couple of friends in Waterford city. The car came to Ireland as a half loved Nissan, just like most RPS13’s their story is always a mystery. This example was bright pink, had over fenders, standard ae86 front wheels and a Bomex whale tale. Back then this car was laughed at, a bit of an ugly duckling. Like many cars at that time it vanished, many had thought it was dead forever, just like the fate of many Nissans but somehow it came back out of the wood work, and damn did it look good.


Those Fto’s

The FTO has always been a strange one. I’ve always been on the fence about them in the looks department, especially after the wall of max power terror of the late 90’s early millennium with these cars. They just looked even more awkward with a Veilside replica kit or any of them misery kits.


Love RS

If there is one thing I have learned over the years is that Ireland has such a deep rooted car following. In your family or group of friends someone has an interest in cars whether it be an uncle brother or friend, who has either had something over the years or still has a piece of metal with four wheels they hold close to their hearts. The thing about the Irish car scene is most of the time it is hidden, any car action you come across is usually surface level car enthusiasts who drive the streets at night and park up at McDonalds, do a couple of laps of the city and head home.



Timeless classic…

Feature: Plain and Simple

For Ireland, a car like this is somewhat ahead of its time… It’s almost a vision of what someone will do in twenty years from now, when there won’t be a whole amount of these Nissans on the road… Everything about this car is not the ordinary guise for an s14 Silvia… The car is not covered in cable ties, doesn’t have ropey panels and isn’t what you would call a drift slag, which by all means is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but what is awesome about this car is how it was planned out and built, everything is super subtle and looks almost factory.


3 Spoke Thunder


Feature: Man Crush

It’s obvious to many just how strong the AE86 following is here in Ireland, there was such a ridiculous amount of these cars brought into our little country over the last ten years. Nicky’s 86 was one of these cars; it came in as a slag from Japan, with a collection of desirable goodies. Somehow he managed to build on what many would have called an already awesome car. I have to admit, like many who have seen this car in the flesh, it just makes you smile, it could easily be one of the best looking Trueno’s this little green isle has ever seen.


Feature: Without the hole…

There is a new breed of car enthusiasts, some of you may be reading this and laughing while others might agree, as Ireland experiences some sort of melt down, which we won’t go on about, a new collection of enthusiasts who are armed with the websites, blogs, and forums are starting to come up through the ranks pretty quickly. The Polo has always been a car which has mostly taken a back seat to the rest of the Volkswagen family, most of the time when these were “modified”… well you can probably picture what it would have looked like…..

Feature: Freshly Squeezed

The owner of this car over thinks, but this is possibly one of his best qualities, the attention to detail in this car is stunning, and only get better. It takes Barry a long time to think about where a sticker should be placed, what colour, if it will stick out too much, clash with other colours on the car, look right and be in the right place. I love this about Barry and his perception of how a car should look. The amount of thought that goes into each part of the car would scare most people but it’s what has helped him to slowly craft one of the best EK9’s in Ireland.


Feature: From Rags to Riches

The phrase “from rags to riches” was the last thing I wanted to call this feature, but the more Peter told me the story I couldn’t believe how the car had turned out. Eventually I realised after trying to come up with something a little bit more imaginative, this car truly earned the title. The common build we see in the United States of a bog standard civic being converted into a flawless masterpiece in both the exterior and interior is really something that has only started to come around over here in Ireland over the last few years.


Random Juice: Timeless

It doesn’t get more timeless then this, a white EK9 sitting on Desmond Regamaster EVOs. Show me this car in another 10 years and regardless of what trends are around then I’m sure it will retain the same appeal.

Car Spotting: Number 189

I recently had the pleasure of checking out number 189. I’m sure many of you are well acquainted with the Tommi Mäkinen EVO 6 or 6.5 as its often referred to. The car is named after the Finnish World rally driver after he took four driver championships in a row, Its always been a cool thing when a large car company comes out with a model like this with that extra special feeling of exclusivity creating a collectors item almost isntantly.