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Being Xposed


So on Sunday just gone seen the rise of a brand new show to Ireland called xPosed, run by the guys over at Raceism United. Personally I think it was more than a welcome to the automotive scene here in Ireland as we have been lacking a show like this but we will get back to that point later.

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Come Equipped



A German X Japanese Delight.

Dirty German

Sometimes the craziest ingredients can turn out the sleaziest of Cars, behold this trashy dirty German Wagon… We like it.

Dubshed 2015


On Sunday just gone we took the long drive up to Belfast to attend Dubshed. After a long drive up from Waterford in the rain, which made the journey worse, we arrived at King’s Hall, Belfast. We parked the car and made our way into one of the three sheds to see what Dubshed had to offer us this year.

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Juicebox : The First Meet PT1

I’m pretty excited that some how I can finally write about a public event we put together. Juicebox has been going for about four years now and well it has been an absolute pleasure being able to capture the car scene and chuck it up here on the website. We had toyed with the idea of putting together something like this for a long time, possibly holding a show, or doing another BBQ, the main fear was that no one would turn up, or if something did it would be a disaster.


The Ring PT2

Not really knowing what to do with the rest of our night we drove around for hours trying to see if we could find other parts of the track. If you have never been there, its pretty gigantic.


The Ring Pt1

We decided to chance our arm and head to the Nürburgring, being on mainland Europe and having a decent car and enjoyable set of roads we felt confident we could squeeze this into the journey before we returned to the land of rain. We took it somewhat handy on the way down to make the most of some of the breathtaking scenery.


The Mcgrath Mobile

Always looking shiny shiny…

Juicebox TV: Night life B-roll….

b-roll from juice box on Vimeo.

Cleaning out the old hardrive we made a little B roll, of the left over footage from the night life video.

New years Driftfest at Watergrasshill

So its a new year, and weve taken a little sort of break from the website, mainly because life got a little hectic. What better way to start the new year with a bit of drift action. We trucked down towards Watergrass hill for the driftfest which has been gaining some serious steam each time this event. It makes for an exciting watch as pretty much any type of rear wheel drive car can be seen tearing it up with a driver of any skill level.

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Video: Garage D goes to Gatebil – 2011

This looks nuts…. maybe someday!

What the Fuck Wednesday: The wish

Hmm a tattered e36?


Prodrift Round 1: Ennis Pt1

It was 5am on a Saturday morning and the phone was vibrating with a text from Martin Ffrench. Walking out of the house and seeing his Altezza all loaded up on the trailer looking gleaming and ready for action was enough to wake anyone up. The car was ready for the first round of Prodrift which was to be held in Ennis Co. Clare.  Hopes of a dry weekend slowly started to fade as we made our way through the Tipperary countryside and darkness started to disappear and reveal some horrible Irish clouds . This was looking to be another typical weekend just like the one at Ennis back in 09. To our surprise we drove right through the rain and out the other side…. mother nature was down for some drifting on that weekend and gave us Ireland some of the best weather it could have ever asked for.


Straightliners Spring 2011 PT1

It was that time of year again to head from the very south of Ireland up to the north. Straight liners was about to begin again and we expected another turbo journey to lay ahead of us. Surprising enough this time around all the new motorways had been fully open and we actually made it from Waterford to Enniskillen in about 3 hours abiding by the speed limit. This is one of the most exciting drag racing events in Ireland, well to be honest there isn’t too many. The best thing about Straighliners is the fact that you just don’t know whats going to show up.


Drift: Mondello Drift Practice/Tsunami Appeal

I was glad to finally get a chance to cover the Mondello practice, which is held once a month at Mondello Circuit. Each time it had been on so far I couldn’t make it due to some nonsense in hospital but seems how everything was getting better, it was good to get out and start covering again! The day definitely lived up to my expectations. Everybody from all different levels of skill had the chance to hit the track and hone their skills.