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AE86’s, RXhate and more: The Juicebox BBQ 2017 | Juicebox – Unboxed #8

AE86’s, RXhate and more: The Juicebox BBQ 2017 | Juicebox – Unboxed #8

Deep Rooted: Toyota Gathering 2017

This has been a fast year. It seems not so long ago when we covered the Annual Toyota meet in Cork last year. I really enjoyed this meet because you never know what comes out of the wood work. Even the machine we came down in is worthy of a picture, (TRD Camry which you see here). You can also see Flip using his best shammy cloth to clean the flies.

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Stories: Lurking Vancouver PT2


So Ive been in the city just over a year and a half, and in Canada Just about two years. If you ever get a chance to make it out here, I highly recommend checking out the sea to sky highway.  Sometimes its a little over whelming just how jaw dropping the scenery is around Vancouver and British Columbia.

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Make a stand, JB X AH

Juicebox Made its way to one of the First Auto Hero events which was held at Mondello Circuit.

A chance for every part of the Irish car culture to gather and have a good time.

The sun sets on another year!


Thanks to everyone who has been following the site over the last few years, crazy to think we are going this long. Thanks to everyone who has been down for sipping some Juice. Good things to come in 2016.

Visual switch ups


Photo 26-07-2015 00 51 46

David’s 86 is a throwback to an era that was pretty much the “glory days” of car tune and dress up in Japan. You either know or you don’t.

Every day is 86 day… Expect more on this soon…

Irish Drift Championship, Round 2

Photo 25-06-2015 11 30 39

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Dirty German

Sometimes the craziest ingredients can turn out the sleaziest of Cars, behold this trashy dirty German Wagon… We like it.

The Abandoned Cars of Fukushima

It has been almost four years since the tragic disaster in Japan. As a car head, like many of you reading this, apart from all the chaos and sadness that followed the disaster on March 11th 2011, we cant help but be fascinated by all that radioactive Japanese metal that was left behind. Google was kind enough to creep in and drive the streets year after year, which is amazing. I have spent hours cruising the streets looking for stuff but I have to give credit o my little brother for hunting out a lot of these, both of us would spend hours cruising down streets spotting stuff.  We did one of these posts before and people really enjoyed it, so here is another collection of Cars that will probably never move again.

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URAS Parts Catalog // 2002

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Improving on perfection

What drives us to continue looking for perfection with these inanimate objects? What actually justifies a good car? So many of us are heavily drawn towards the unassuming innocence of the AE86, Time and time again, we see one and we just get ridiculously happy or excited, a car that has been done to death but still after 30 years can look as fresh as the day it was unveiled.


Pop up Dusk



Going Down

This is Freddies A4 B8 Se, I’ve been meaning to get a few decent pictures of this car up onto the site. He is one of the few people from around the area that has managed to nail a delicious look with his Audi.


The Ring Pt1

We decided to chance our arm and head to the Nürburgring, being on mainland Europe and having a decent car and enjoyable set of roads we felt confident we could squeeze this into the journey before we returned to the land of rain. We took it somewhat handy on the way down to make the most of some of the breathtaking scenery.


Auto Rest Levin Type R

This was always an interesting build from the Guys at Auto Rest. Obviously built to compete with the DC2 Integra type-R, this Levin actually looks pretty good in, the styling is done quite close to the actual ITR but doesn’t look out of place on the AE111, it would be interesting to see a battle between this AE111 and the DC2, anyone out there know if this ever went down in an of the Japanese videos? Either way a cool car.

Hyper Rev vol18