Web Mining: Autumn Drift Matsuri 2010

Autumn Drift Matsuri 2010 – Ebisu Circuit, Japan from Remi Schouten on Vimeo.

Track Day: AE86 Trackday Mondello

I was going crazy I missed this last year, so this year I made sure my weekend was free to trek up to the AE86 track day. It had been raining all week and was looking bad, which is typical in Ireland. Somehow the rain decided to take a break only for that Saturday and mother nature even showed us a bit of sunlight which is always a treat.


Random Juice: Worlds fastest street legal electric car


Video: FD Sonoma: Tilt-Shift Formula Drift

Random Juice: Ken Block’s Ultimate Playground Gymkhana 3

Holy shit, as usual.

Web Mining: How to make a 25 year old car win an eco race!

Hot Version proves yet again that the AE86 can still keep up with the latest cars! While they proved the AE86 could still easily win from several great cars like the Skyline R34 or the Honda S2000 and tuners like RE-Amemiya and Amuse, they now proved it can even keep up with the latest Eco trends: the Tec-Arts Eco AE86 beats a field of Honda CR-Zs (and a Mini)!


Web Mining: Kansai All Star drift 2010

Holy shit there is even a k11 RWDmicra and what it looks like, a RWD EGĀ  in this video, its fucking insane. Enjoy!

Web Mining: Motorfix Corolla time!

What a cool video of the most epic KE70’s ever, these guys are definitely having a good time, and seem to be very handy behind the wheel of these KE’s. Im sure you have all heard of Motorfix by now. If not enjoy..


Speaking of time attack….

This video is proper. Good Job to EH3 Films! Glad to see the irish car video being stepped up.

Web mining: Amazing KE70

Check this amazing KE70. Ken Nomura, Daijiro Inada and Manabu Suzuki decide to get in for a spin as it starts to snow out. Everything about this KE is amazing The colour, the stance, right down to the Longchamps XR4’s. I would give anything to have one.
Some day maybe….

Event: Sleef Fx Limerick 2010 (With added magic video)

This years Sleek Fx brought some new cars to display. Some good and some that would leave you scratching your head for days. The weather was that typical “is it going to rain? “weather. So all day we were waiting for it to pour but it managed to hold and everyone could enjoy being dry whilst checking out some drag racing and the cars.


Spring Drift Matsuri

Stole this from garagehachi’s blog, too good not to post. That KE70 wagon is fucking so good!


This is insane

Garage Life: The little Hachi that could…

This Hachiroku was undoubtedly one of the most well known in this country. The car just had that vibe which made it stand out. It looked so fresh for its age. Being 27 years old the car didnt look one year of it. With its fresh coat of metallic red over black and some shiny work equips with some insane dish on the rear, this car oozed everything an ae86 should carry.


Hiroshima speedway

What a cool track, this gets interesting about halfway through. Enjoy