Juicebox BBQ: The Squeeze 2016

Video: Kenneth Moen hill climb

Holy shitballs, Norway as usual…

Videos: Shuto Kousoku Trial the series.

If your pondering the internet bored this evening you should sit down grab some food and enjoy this classic snippet of early Japanese street racing. Megalopolis Expressway Trial or Shuto Kousoku is a series of films about illegal street racing on the Shuto Expressway in Japan released between 1988 and 1996.

What the Fuck Wednesday: Ae86 Day @ Fuji

This is complete madness, no janspeed or superlite shit here. Turn up and enjoy the insanity that is Japan….

Video: World’s first 8 second R35 GTR

Whats not to like about this?

Video: Run the Wall

Looks like proper good fun!

Video: Garage D goes to Gatebil – 2011

This looks nuts…. maybe someday!

Videos: I Love My 86

Dan Joyce has been putting together some awesome little mini features on people and their affection for the AE86 for Low Brain TV. We decided to stick them all up here for your viewing pleasure. Interviews with people like D-mac, Eric o Sullivan, Julian Smith, Johnny P and Dave in the magical shed of magic.


Video: The Mazda Story

Video: Japan 2010

Video: Drift Unions – Night Moves

Drift Unions – Night Moves 2010 Video from Shawn Browne on Vimeo.

Looks like an Awesome time…. now whose up for an Irish one?

Video: Moscow Drift

Simply Amazing, so who’s up for an Irish version haha…..

Video: Word Up #4

Apologies for not making it to the drift practice in Mondello, I’ve missed about 3 of them now and this one was because of some medical problems… next time will be a video like this hopefully! Check the A31 in California! That’s the start of it now…

Video: Techno Pro Spirits AE86 – Tsukuba

The car is running a 4AGE 16V + 10,000rpm = 230hp
Yes, turn this up nice and loud!

Web Mining: Climb Attack

This is pretty damn awesome, and it looks to be first try… no road markings!!