Random juice

Dark Chase


Black JZX100 lurking at Rudskogen.. stay tuned for a Gatebil feature coming very soon…

Affection, metal and age.

A Couple of months ago leaving a car park I snapped this simple clean timeless RPs13 directly in front of a Mazda 323, both cars from the same era and similar manufacturers. Its always amusing how some cars are so well designed, live on as classics and are more popular than the day they rolled out of the factory. This picture will always stay with me just because the 323 will never have the presence of the 180, and was growing moss in the corner, whilst this 180 will possibly stay this good for a few years to come.

Now we all know that Mazda has made some amazing cars but you cant help but get a kick out out of the A to B cars which come and go from companies, stick around for a period and tehn completely vanish, then we have the cars which may have had the same faith but gain a cult following. Its fascinating how the brain can get excited and affectionate over a chunk of metal which has been crafted and pressed into different shapes and completely disregard another….

Why hello there…


One of the sheds residents, the KE55 came out for some air today. You sometimes forget its beauty, living mostly for the cold months under covers.

What the?

Jacks run around is too good not to share!



Timeless classic…

First Molding

Timeless EK3… Dunne and his soft spot for the EK chassis, this one is a winner.

Dat Smoke

KE attack

This little beauty was drowning in a sea of datsun metal… even took a hit, what a car.. big respect to the driver.

Black and White Smoke

This battle in Tullyroan was too good! Black and white pan shots are enjoyable..

Daytime Speed Star

Left or Right?

Which would you pick?

Evil Twin

That ugly scary 4WD evil twin, locked in the basement… with Evo seven running gear and a ridiculous set of 18 x 10 SE37ks. Nothing inside but a seat, wheel and shifter… what a sick joke!

Surprise Sunny

Surprise B series Sunny relaxing on Hayashi Command’s…

Fisher Slam

This is what happens when you leave the kids toys around….

In Progress

Stephens Turbo work in Progress Pride and Joy…. watch this space, this car is only going to get better….