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Business as Usual

So about three weeks ago the site went down, unfortunately, I didn’t have it backed up properly after a couple of updates and the internals failed.  It took some extra help to eventually diagnose the problem. The problem was out of my knowledge but luckily I had a decent friend who was willing to go through everything and eventually we figured it out the issue. I have to give a big shout out to Nicky O Keefe of Ireland Web Design for taking the time to sort things out. Thanks to everyone who sent in emails or asked if they could help, everything is back to normal now and we will resume our usual scheduling tomorrow. The shop will be live in the next week and we have a video blog series coming about the trusty old 86 we pulled out of the ditch, a trailer for this is coming this week.

Stay tuned and thanks as always for your continued support.

– Neil

Air out

This car will always be one of the main reasons I fell in love with the AE86 and that proper Japanese car style.

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Adrian’s delicious DC2 wearing a more subtle daily driver exterior….

Enjoy the silence

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One Shot: Cadbury

Sunday Pandas

A quick glimpse at Aidan’s dream machine, a forever work in progress. This Levin is his Sunday beast, a square machine comes out for a thrash and a spin on a weekend and puts a permanent smile on his face.

Nothing major update wise this week, had a bit of an issue with the site but its all sorted now…. lots to come next week.

– Neil

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone who has supported us over the years.



A quick fly by… Jackies DC2 wearing all the right bits… More on this stunner very soon.

Shine bright


A treat for the eyes.

Early Gold


Stole My heart

The Abandoned Cars of Fukushima

It has been almost four years since the tragic disaster in Japan. As a car head, like many of you reading this, apart from all the chaos and sadness that followed the disaster on March 11th 2011, we cant help but be fascinated by all that radioactive Japanese metal that was left behind. Google was kind enough to creep in and drive the streets year after year, which is amazing. I have spent hours cruising the streets looking for stuff but I have to give credit o my little brother for hunting out a lot of these, both of us would spend hours cruising down streets spotting stuff.  We did one of these posts before and people really enjoyed it, so here is another collection of Cars that will probably never move again.

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URAS Parts Catalog // 2002

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Shine Rex

A quick shot of Flips RX8 before it goes under the knife for an exterior and heart upgrade.

Civic Duty


Two of the finest lookers in Ireland…



Nicky putting that Datsun to work…