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Garage Life: A Juicy sweet Hachi update!

Im sure you most of you remember when this happened, well Dayo has gone and got himself a gift.


Garage Life: Juicebox x Tyteslippers

Its funny, Greystones was voted the nicest place to live in Ireland, that can definitely bee seen by the weather in this picture. This view is so unusual for Ireland, not a grey cloud for miles! On an usually nice weekend, we decided to head for Greystones to spin up with the guys from Tyteslippers and talk some shit for a day. Why you may ask? Well because they have some cool as shit cars and the direction they are going with them is what this site is all about.


Garage Life: That Green DA

This picture above certainly doesn’t look like its in our country, the same story can be said for the car. Ireland isn’t the greatest country to have your car kept in immaculate condition all the time but Dariusz was built an exception. Hes one of a few who could pull off a car like this and fool anyone into thinking it was somewhere in the U.S. This is because the attention to detail on this car was amazing.  There isn’t a whole lot of Da’s on our roads anymore, and on top of that there isn’t too many DA6 xsi’s on the road either. So it was amazing to see someone transform an average looking JDM DA6 into what was in the picture above. Now me and you could look at this photo and say wow, that car is amazing. Its good just the way it is, but Dariusz had planned to go much further.

Garage Life: Graiguenamanagh’s K20 DC2 First run

I guess there could be a few more images which we could stick up about the build, but the car is more or less done, so we will fast forward, oh no wait. There is no need to, the car was built in just under three weeks, which is insane. The car went from being a four eyed duster, to a k20 NA beast. The car rolled up to Tullow on a trailer for its first run. This was the first time the car would actually drive. The thing had eaten fuel lines which ended up causing some problems, not wanting to attract too much attention, the car was hauled into one of the grain sheds to be setup. Preferably everyone was going to wait until Tullow had cleared of people so proper testing could begin….


Garage Life: Graiguenamanagh’s K20 DC2

The above picture doesent look like much, and many people would wonder why, especially because the 4 eyed DC2 fronts seem to get little love from people, especially in Ireland. Where we can just pick up a JDM DC2 for the price of a Holiday in Spain. It was cool to hear that Jamie and his brother Keelan were going to take on something different. I was scared to hear that they were going to be pulling the guts out of the Yellow EG that we all Remember, but once I heard the plans, I knew all was going to be well in Graiguenamanagh. What a word!


Garage Life: The little Hachi that could…

This Hachiroku was undoubtedly one of the most well known in this country. The car just had that vibe which made it stand out. It looked so fresh for its age. Being 27 years old the car didnt look one year of it. With its fresh coat of metallic red over black and some shiny work equips with some insane dish on the rear, this car oozed everything an ae86 should carry.


Event: Enniskillen (now with added video)

So I had been following Magoo’s Turbo Dc2 build to where it would be finally tested, at Straightliners in Enniskillen. I decided to give a hand  the day before which ended up being an all nighter as we tried to get the car back together before it was trailered and brought up north. There was mapping going on right up till the car was loaded up. This is how strapped for time everyone was as the deadline crept up so quick.


Garage Life: More or less there.

Magoo’s car finally backs out from the land of the ferries. It will leave to go to the mountains to get mapped and where the final touches can be added.

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Garage Life: More Magoo

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Garage Life: Seans ep82 build.

Seans building a nice track ready ep-82 . Its raw as fuck and fully stripped out. He ran a 13.7 by turning up the boost back in Limerick in 09 on the side of that dodgy horse racing track and melted a piston so Sean took the car off the road and decide to rebuild the engine and use it as a track car. He replaced the melted piston with standard pistons, just polished to them help prevent detonation and shortened the intercooler piping. Ive always been a fan of these little cars there cool as fuck because there a 1300 turbo little pocket rocket ( haha had to get that term in there at least once) on a 4E-FTE that gives out a nice little kick. So many shams got their hands on them an molested them when they first hit our shores so there reputation has been put down alot over the years. Personally if one is done right its gonna be fucking cool and personally i think Seans will be cool its raw and hes not afraid to drive the fuck out of it. Ive always liked Seans because he doesn’t put chrome tint all over the windows and tons of accessories and stuff you would find in and on many other starlets. He did the total opposite. He uses this car and built it towards function. You have to love the side exit exhaust on the bumper!  The gt-turbo is as JDM as you can get and i know JDM is an overused over raped term but this gt turbo is cool. Check some of Seans pics of the car and his progress….
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Garage Life: Jackies new project.

Alot of you may have seen jackies eg6sir/dc2 front conversion, and how well done it was compared to many. He has decided to take it a step further which by all means is a good thing. Im going to try and get as many updates or pics of this if i can as it goes on. Getting pictures from people is hard haha. Heres what i got so far and its looking tasty.

Stripped out and naked
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Garage Life: A Magoo update of some sort

Looks like the engine wont be going back in. a change of plan as this mini magoo clone will be powering this integra instead. Its even turbo. Sound effects not included

Garage Life: Dunnes has new coilovers.

Two brothers sir haha… no

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Garage Life: Magoos super duper build sort of…

Im trying to follow magoos build of his turbo dc2 that Magical taylor from the place of ferries is building.

Heres what i have so far.

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