Garage Life

Long Live The Shed

The Irish car shed doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves, Sheds are the backbone of our car scene, the anchors to every good build.

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A brief encounter with Godzilla


Shoes are such a massive part of building a car, they can make or break a look. Finding the right shoes in a sea of similar builds can be such a daunting task. This Godzilla was already wearing a set of shoes which were almost impossible to replace, TE37’s finished in gold.

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Visual switch-ups : MOTORCRAFT 86

Photo 26-01-2016, 16 47 17

David picked up this car from a friend a little over a year ago. Prior to that he has never owned an AE86, but it was high on the list of cars he had to own, and simply put, hard work made that become a reality. It’s taken a very short period of time for David to shape this car to suit his personality, however I can tell you that this car is far from finished, in fact as I write this I know he is planning a change again in the near future.

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Neville Brett, a name we should never forget.


We lost a great human today, someone who’s name echoes amongst the car scene of Ireland, a name that has been spoken in legendary stories of over the years. Neville was a character. It makes me sad that I have to put a post together like this but I want to spread the love and share a few stories that made up just a little bit of the Neville Brett I had the pleasure of knowing. Neville was a true free spirit, which if you had the pleasure of meeting him, you figured out pretty quickly. He was a crazy energetic, genuine lunatic, never afraid to speak his mind, A master behind the wheel of anything he sat into.

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Dismantled Blood

I never really had a chance to say goodbye to this car, a car that for some reason I had such a love for. Its strange when someone finds themselves becoming so attached to a purple piece of metal. On paper it shouldn’t have worked, its colour is ridiculous in real life, its life was sort of a mystery to many. With a little digging we found out that the car was an ex J-blood demo car, by the looks of it, it was the first car to rock those pretty infamous over fenders and wings that the entire world has used over and over.

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The Car Life

So it’s the third birthday of Juicebox… a website we created back around three years ago with a mission to showcase the Irish car scene to the rest of the world, to show them all the good things that are hidden away down country back roads in sheds and barns and other places you would never expect to find rare metal on four wheels.


Light stills

Still light captures…..

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N/A Night Vibes

The Dark road, with that cold shitty Irish weather we love to hate…


Garage Life: We’re getting there

It takes the right amount of failures, trial and error, bad timing, putting things off, acquiring knowledge, being inspired by others, horrible late nights and serious man hours to build the right car, finally this beast is coming together. As they would say… We’re getting there…

Garage Life: The send off

It’s no secret that Irelands economy is down the tube, day in day out we hear a new story of something bad, someone losing a job someone forced to sell a car. The truth is, the “glory days” of what will be remembered as that chapter in the Irish car world where the port of Dublin was flooded with a car culture from the other side of the planet. All these “JDM” cars started pouring onto Irish soil, snatched up from the auctions in Japan and shipped the emerald isle. This happened for a good solid 8 years, there had always been the odd few Japanese cars which made it over before, but the major car rush which was witnessed by everyone was truly something special. Ireland immersed itself in the culture, rims, bodykits, seats, drifting, all these goodies which suddenly ended up being everywhere, suddenly Japanese cars were everywhere, it’s the biggest part of the car world in Ireland and has been since they started coming across the seas in the masses back at the turn of the millennium.


Garage Life: The shed by that mountain

The one thing that never gets old about Ireland, is the quality of cars that are hiding in this country. Just when you think you’ve seen most of them you always hear about something new and are amazed and want to know more. I’m glad we could bring you another installment of yes another shed filled with awesomeness. Heading up a back road in the middle of nowhere and then watching the door slide across to reveal an n2 arched 2 door Levin really is something. The iconic look of an 86 wearing a Dunlop sticker up front is the first thing to hit you. Its great to see true enthusiasts and the place where they pretty much spend most of their free time. Here is another peek into a shed packed with more Toyota goodness.


Garage Life: Jackie’s DC2 fronted EG6

Everybody in the Honda scene pretty much knows this car, it has caused quite the stir amongst people over the last year. This Friday we will have a full feature on this amazing Honda.


Garage Life: The Stuff Shed

Everybody who has been in the car scene for a long time either has some sort of place to keep stuff they have hoarded over the years or work on their cars. The first time I got a chance to go out to this shed I was amazed at how much was going on. There was just such an interesting collection of random bits and bobs and that was before you even started to look at the cars.


Garage Life: From Street to Strip

Be sure to check out Paddy’s damn cool write up on Street Racing and Casey’s yard up on Speedhunters if you have missed it. He presents a proper argument and tells you how it is.
Peep it here

Garage Life: Tec Art’s Visit

Chris Gray just got back from an interesting trip to the infamous Tec Art’s garage in Japan. For those of you who don’t know who Tec Art’s are they are probably one of the most well known ae86 tuners in Japan. Tec-Art’s is a small family-run shop in the outskirts of  Tokyo, a place that over the years Kamata-san and his brother have turned into one of the most respected hachiroku shops in Japan, They’ve built some infamous cars, we recently had this video on the site of the Eco 86 which Tsuchiya drove around Tsukubu in video option.