Straightliners Spring 2011 Pt2

The crowd continued to grow throughout the day. It was so nice to be able to enjoy the racing without usual Irish weather pouring down on everything. Its not actually that bad of a country once the sun come out! More>>>

Straightliners Spring 2011 PT1

It was that time of year again to head from the very south of Ireland up to the north. Straight liners was about to begin again and we expected another turbo journey to lay ahead of us. Surprising enough this time around all the new motorways had been fully open and we actually made it from Waterford to Enniskillen in about 3 hours abiding by the speed limit. This is one of the most exciting drag racing events in Ireland, well to be honest there isn’t too many. The best thing about Straighliners is the fact that you just don’t know whats going to show up.


Garage Life: From Street to Strip

Be sure to check out Paddy’s damn cool write up on Street Racing and Casey’s yard up on Speedhunters if you have missed it. He presents a proper argument and tells you how it is.
Peep it here

Events: Straightliners Enniskillen September 2010

The trip was nice and long, and it wasn’t looking very promising as the rain decided to pour down just before we made it to Enniskillen. Typical Irish weather which really isn’t the best of friends with drag racing.

Event: Japfest Mondello 2010 PT2

Lets continue where we stopped with part 1, looking at some super nice examples of some of the countries nicest ae86’s.


Event: Japfest Mondello 2010 PT1

The weather was sketchy, but it managed to hold off. Thankfully we didn’t have a repeat of last year. Which as you can remember was a bad time.
The bar was raised with some of the cars that were on show this year, there really is a lot of clean cars coming out of the woodwork and its definitely nice to see.


Car Park Watch: Japfest 2010

Yup, its about that time. Where we go lurk the car park of another car show to see what the people are driving. Its always a good insight into the scene itself to see what people are driving, and usually you will find something good or something very bad. Check it out.


Events: Tullow Drag Day’s 29/8/10

Just a few snaps of some of the stuff that caught interest last weekend up in Tullow, like this very clean and going in the right direction EK9 on some Desmond Regamaster’s. Yes please.

Garage Life: Graiguenamanagh’s K20 DC2 First run

I guess there could be a few more images which we could stick up about the build, but the car is more or less done, so we will fast forward, oh no wait. There is no need to, the car was built in just under three weeks, which is insane. The car went from being a four eyed duster, to a k20 NA beast. The car rolled up to Tullow on a trailer for its first run. This was the first time the car would actually drive. The thing had eaten fuel lines which ended up causing some problems, not wanting to attract too much attention, the car was hauled into one of the grain sheds to be setup. Preferably everyone was going to wait until Tullow had cleared of people so proper testing could begin….


Garage Life: Graiguenamanagh’s K20 DC2

The above picture doesent look like much, and many people would wonder why, especially because the 4 eyed DC2 fronts seem to get little love from people, especially in Ireland. Where we can just pick up a JDM DC2 for the price of a Holiday in Spain. It was cool to hear that Jamie and his brother Keelan were going to take on something different. I was scared to hear that they were going to be pulling the guts out of the Yellow EG that we all Remember, but once I heard the plans, I knew all was going to be well in Graiguenamanagh. What a word!


Event: Tullow Drag Days

I hadnt been to Tullow since the first day when they were trying out the track. Each time it was on I either couldnt get a lift to cover it or something else was on. I finally got the chance today and it was cool to see that the event had grown. More and more people seem to be showing up becuase of the freedom of paying and racing your face off for the day. What could be wrong with that?

Event: Sleef Fx Limerick 2010 (With added magic video)

This years Sleek Fx brought some new cars to display. Some good and some that would leave you scratching your head for days. The weather was that typical “is it going to rain? “weather. So all day we were waiting for it to pour but it managed to hold and everyone could enjoy being dry whilst checking out some drag racing and the cars.


The Tullow drag strip.

So I got a call about this Legal drag strip type thing that was going down in Tullow just outside of Carlow. I was instantly curious to see what exactly or how this could work. We jumped in the van and Magoo and Ann drove ahead in the Primera. It was some laugh finding the place but eventually we rang the guys from Caseys Yard and they came down in the trusty ex Eircom Transit at top speed and they lead the way. I was still wondering how on earth you could have a drag strip around the country side. We were on back roads laughing and wondering if the roads would just be closed off or what. Eventually I gave up guessing of ways in which they could have a drag track in the middle of nowhere and decided to wait till we got a look. As we were tearing along a nice country road the road suddenly turned into wide open concrete. It was crazy, no fences on the fields and a couple of houses at the start. Then the road opened into a massive field with this little concrete road in between. We then came to a digger which was blocking the road. Everything felt very mad max about the situation but it was cool. They were looking for a fiver to go up and check it out so I was down for supporting. The digger bucket lifted which was basically there as a gate and we headed on up to the sheds in the distance. It really looked like something from the America. I’m easily amused I guess.



The new Lexus LFA against the Nissan GTR in a quarter mile battle, Skip into 4 minutes if you just want to see the race, the video is quite long.

Event: Enniskillen (now with added video)

So I had been following Magoo’s Turbo Dc2 build to where it would be finally tested, at Straightliners in Enniskillen. I decided to give a hand  the day before which ended up being an all nighter as we tried to get the car back together before it was trailered and brought up north. There was mapping going on right up till the car was loaded up. This is how strapped for time everyone was as the deadline crept up so quick.