Car spotting

CLUBLOOSE: The Beginning


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It’s very seldom that I consider taking a day off from work during the week to attend a drift day at Mondello. Most of the big events there happen on the weekend which is very convenient and other drift days, well they have been a little unchanged in the last while. Now don’t get me wrong, all these practice days are extremely appreciated as it gives budding drivers a chance to hone their skills and get as much time in their car as possible.


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Blue Pearl X Desmond


The EM1, always in the shadows of the hatchback version. When executed correctly they can be amazing to look at. Jamies example was a classic case of getting it right.


The Work Van


You have to enjoy people like Davy, people who can’t leave things alone, people that go near stuff and know only the right way to make it out the other side. Take his “work van” for example, I remember when he picked this up from Paddy McGrath and started tearing around in it. As vehicle Bodywork is his profession it wasn’t long before the van was stripped down, with plans already hatched.


The Caretaker

Dave has had this car for almost ten or more years. In this world we never really own our cars, if the car is maintained well it will eventually pass hands when we are gone. This car has always been special to me because it gave me such inspiration over the years, back when the car scene was infected with filler and ICE installs, this Corolla had come in from Japan land stripped out with Advan A3A’s at the back and Longchapms at the front. Straight away it looked cool, a little track slut with odd shoes, something I had never seen before. It was silver low and ignorant looking, the complete opposite to every Max Power machine around at the time.


Sodium Silvia

Sodium Silvia wearing some pretty shoes…

Those Fto’s

The FTO has always been a strange one. I’ve always been on the fence about them in the looks department, especially after the wall of max power terror of the late 90’s early millennium with these cars. They just looked even more awkward with a Veilside replica kit or any of them misery kits.


That Itch.

This car was bought as a run around, the owner of this pretty immaculate looking mk3 Vento had family in mind. Owning a MK2 Rallye, the Vento would become the more practical day to day car. As most of you out there will agree, nothing ever stays standard for too long and before Noel knew it he was in talks of getting some rust removed from the car….


Love RS

If there is one thing I have learned over the years is that Ireland has such a deep rooted car following. In your family or group of friends someone has an interest in cars whether it be an uncle brother or friend, who has either had something over the years or still has a piece of metal with four wheels they hold close to their hearts. The thing about the Irish car scene is most of the time it is hidden, any car action you come across is usually surface level car enthusiasts who drive the streets at night and park up at McDonalds, do a couple of laps of the city and head home.


Carelessness is great enemy

Its amazing just how good the older generation of Toyota’s have aged, with everything being so mass produced these days and designed by a team or panel, the older more humble econo cars of the eighties with their simplistic designs for some reason get better with age. Who would have thought a Corolla wagon would have this much of a presence thirty two years later with the addition of a few bits and pieces?

The Day we were given the GT 86

A couple of weeks back Paddy and I got a chance to shoot and play with the GT86, I have to admit, the car has grown on me in a massive way over the last couple of months, with the amount that are being modified in Japan and the USA, and getting a chance to see Freddy Asabo’s example at Japfest, the cars have a truck load of potential waiting to be unlocked.


HCR : Night Mover

The 32 skyline has to be one of the nicest pieces of eye candy to ever come from Japan…. so little is needed to create such a timeless look..Those classic tails, one of the most iconic rear ends known to the car scene worldwide…. Much of the mature generation was introduced to it Via car games outside of Japan, and the younger Via the internet and another feeding of car games…. I’ve always had an insane fondness towards the HCR32, its like the misfit little brother of the GTR… On a casual cold night I tracked down one of the nicer local examples for a quick photoshoot….


The Gap x S2k

Always been a massive fan of these cars, at the Rally of the lakes earlier in the year, at a look out over some of the best scenery in Ireland we spotted this freshly coated white example and decided to take a few snaps…..


Car Spotting: Sentimental Evolution

I know there is many of you out there, many who have had the first car, the one that got them into the scene, the one that you pulled late night for and yo somehow feel is a part of who you are.


Car Spotting: The Coolest Run around?

When most people think of a run around car, especially in the Irish car scene they wind up purchasing something cheap and efficient, something that gets them from A to B that little bit cheaper whilst the pride and joy parked up. When I found out this AE92 was a run about I was shocked.


Car Spotting: Number 189

I recently had the pleasure of checking out number 189. I’m sure many of you are well acquainted with the Tommi Mäkinen EVO 6 or 6.5 as its often referred to. The car is named after the Finnish World rally driver after he took four driver championships in a row, Its always been a cool thing when a large car company comes out with a model like this with that extra special feeling of exclusivity creating a collectors item almost isntantly.