Business as Usual

Business as Usual

So about three weeks ago the site went down, unfortunately, I didn’t have it backed up properly after a couple of updates and the internals failed.  It took some extra help to eventually diagnose the problem. The problem was out of my knowledge but luckily I had a decent friend who was willing to go through everything and eventually we figured it out the issue. I have to give a big shout out to Nicky O Keefe of Ireland Web Design for taking the time to sort things out. Thanks to everyone who sent in emails or asked if they could help, everything is back to normal now and we will resume our usual scheduling tomorrow. The shop will be live in the next week and we have a video blog series coming about the trusty old 86 we pulled out of the ditch, a trailer for this is coming this week.

Stay tuned and thanks as always for your continued support.

– Neil



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