No Name Heroes

No Name Heroes


The roads are empty; the average folk are sound asleep. Between the valleys of a Celtic tiger vision, the grumbling sound of a 1jz resonates against the dew-covered embankments.



In the wild, a rare sighting, two FR Sedans from the same herd… Against sodium backdrop there is nothing quite like seeing this type of action in the wild

Seeing two mammoth Japanese machines dance on damp tar in the darkness of the night, it gets the hairs standing on the back your neck.


It’s like seeing a tiger in the wild; the zoo just doesn’t cut it sometimes, this is where it began, the arena where it will always be most exciting. These cars are by no means cheap, in fact daily drivers and this is by no means a situation where getting caught is on the cards.


To be caught in the act would put jobs and lives at risk, big sedans with big price tag. I guess these are the reasons this activity is all the more exciting.
The rush of seeing two big over engineered Japanese beasts getting rowdy. Onlookers can only stand back and envy that feeling of pure adrenaline.


If something was to go wrong… it never crosses the mind just living in moment.


Spotters on the hill eagerly watching as each driver get a little braver. Close calls as drivers get more and more confident. Then suddenly a lock up and the car heads straight for the pole, a fast reflex action but the moist road sends the car into the curb.


A Connection and the front lip gets a smashing, that’s the known risk. The car and driver are happiest in these moments.


You have to pay to play. A quick fix is applied and everything will be worried about at a later stage.


Just another gathering of no name heroes dancing in the night.



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