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In The Shadows


What makes a great RPs13? The 180sx has been around for over a quarter of a century, a car that is loved by so many it is essentially a mascot of the drifting world and we still just cant get enough of these things.


For a car that was released in the late eighties, the RPs13 is just as relevant today in the drifting world today as it was twenty years ago. People are still pushing the boundaries with these cars, companies are still putting out new Parts, new aero, we are continuously seeing new builds new ways of approaching this chassis.


Ireland saw a massive influx of these over the years in all shapes and sizes with all sorts of goodies, which left a serious impression on the Irish. We have a serious love affection for these. It was only a matter of time before we started taking these imports and creating our own examples.


The car has almost transcended time. You would not think this car is twenty-two years old. The build is a little slice of everything; with carefully selected choice bits accompanied facelift OEM goodness Nissan surgically performed on the chassis in 94. Those Kouki tails with that centre garnish is timeless.


The front end was fitted with possibly the best bumper ever made for this chassis and a bumper that came right out of Nissan, the Kouki Type X with the plate mount cut out. The chasiss has been around long enough to be at the forefront of every single trend in the car world, you name it and it has probably been done to these things. The owner has sort of plucked the best of everything with this car.


Some subtle origin Over fenders give the stock body that subtle little puff to cater for the 18 x 9.5 TE37 wheels. With these cars, what I love most is the fact you can pluck different pieces from a variety of companies and build a cocktail of epic proportions.


These cars have had such an incredible aftermarket-tuning base for almost as long as they have existed. In the shadows you can see that Rocket bunny wing, some RYO rear valences and a Pro Fits rear diffuser and together it all just works.


Honestly, I think it’s hard to ever grow tired of TE37s against that purple, its like salt and vinegar on your chips. The added canards give it just the right amount of aggression without being too in your face.


It’s nice to see attention to detail in choosing colours for the cockpit. The owner has retained most of the interior and just worked around it. The car has a very complete feel to it but still feels like a drift car.


The collection of interior parts is something of a must have list, Kazama gear knob, Cusco cage, Recaro confetti’s, OEM digital heads up display and Origin carbon door cards. The owner has retained much of the original interior, which is rare to see in these cars.


Under the bonnet lurks an ever so capable Non VVT SR20 with a host of reliable goodies to give the engine good reliable power. A look around will result in finding the usual’s, a z32 air flow meter, a splitfire coilpack, a t25g turbo, a Greddy front mount intercooler, the list goes on. The car has the perfect balance of reliable power well suited to a road car of this nature.


The standard diff was swapped for a Cusco 2 way and wrapped in an R32 Gts-T casing accompanied with shafts and a 5-stud hub conversion. The front was fitted with s15 front hubs discs and brakes and fitted with EBC pads. The entire shell was stripped back and resealed and treated.


I like the way the rear wheels do not sit fully into the arches, the car has an almost circuit like vibe to it.Classic Midnight Purple, its hard to find a better colour for a Nissan. Something tells me we will be seeing a lot more builds like this as these cars start to get more valuable in the coming years, people hunting down interiors like what is happening with the AE86 world now.


From every angle this thing looks great, a perfect ambassador showcasing to others why these cars are still very relevant and very much so loved by the car community. You can not fault how this car has been put together, its flawless, a perfect example of the 180sx capturing everything that makes these cars so damn good, one of Irelands finest…

Built by Team Zero7Four – Matthew Quinn

With great thanks to Martin Coyle, Paul Green, Rory McDaid and Conor Peoples



Shell fully Stripped and repainted inside outside and underneath in Nissan Midnight Purple LP2

Oe Nissan Kouki Front bumper with splitter

Pro-fit kits Custom Front Under Splitter

Pro-fit Kits Custom front Canards

Oe Nissan Chuki sideskirts

Pro-fit Kits Custom Sideskirt add-ons

Pro-fit Kits Custom Rear Difuser

RYO aftermarket Rear Valance

Origin +25mm vented Front wings

Pro-fit Kits Custom Inserts on the wings with Genuine Nismo Badges inserted

DMAX Vented Bonet


Raybrig Headlights

Origin Roofspoiler

Tra-Kyoto 666 Rocket Bunny Rear Spoiler

Origin +30mm Rear Quarterpanels

Kouki Rear Lights with OE Carbon Optional Centre Garnish

Rear Tints Removed

Nismoshop Wind Deflectors

Rear Wiper and Ariel removed


Wheels Brakes Suspension

Rays Volk TE-37 18 x 9.5 +12 all round

Rays valve caps and Rays Duranuts

Kumho Ecsta 225 40s

HSD Monopro Coilovers with camber adjustment topmounts

Kazama Tension Rods

S14 LCA’s

HEL braided brake lines

R32 GTs-t Discs/calipers and rear hub setup with S15 5 stud hubs

EBC Yellow stuff pads

Cusco brake cylinder stopper

Cusco Flyoff handbrake

20mil bolt on spacers on the rear


Engine – Trans – Fueling – Management

SR20DET – Non vvt


Greddy FMIC

z32 AFM

Splitfire Coilpacks

Nissan 480cc injectors

Nissan GTR fuel pump

Z32 Fuel Filter

Tomei FPR

Apexi Power FC

Unknown Aftermarket Downpipe

Unknown Aftermarket Alloy Rad

Kakimoto Regu 96-R Catback


Apexi Air Filter

Blitz SBC boost controller

Apexi Rad Cap

Cusco Front Strut Brace

SR20 5 speed box

R32 Gts-t Diff casing w/shafts

Cusco 2-way diff



Recaro Confettis

Bride Rails

Oe Nissan Kouki Rear seats

Uncut Parcel Shelf

Origin Carbon Doorcards

cusco Dashdodger Cage painted Pearl White

OE Nissan Digital Cluster with Heads up Display

Defi Guages – Boost, Oil Temp, Water Temp, Oil Pressure

Defi Link Controller

Greddy Turbo Timer

Blitz SBC

Oe Nissan Optional Extra Window Louvres

Oe Nissan Optional Extra Sunroof Delete

Alpine Double Din

Unprated FLI speakers and tweeters front and back

Nardi 350mm Steering wheel w Nardi Boss

Kazama Gearknob

Headliner Painted black

Cusco Rear Strut Brace

Black/White Checkered Fitted mats front and back

Broadway Mirror





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