Finger on the Pulse

Finger on the Pulse


Events in Ireland really do bring out the gems, it gives people an excuse to get their pride and joy out for the day. With all the heat being on the IDC event we took a cruise through the paddock to see what was about.


The first round of IDC paired with modified live really unlocked a few gems which I had not seen yet since moving back to Ireland. Instantly attracted to this Mk2 I couldn’t get enough of its plain street rally outfit.


Brothers from a different mother… You have to wonder sometimes about the DA Integra and the PS13. Nevertheless this DA6 was hitting the spot on many levels. Sitting perfectly period correct on some SSR Mesh rims.


Every single thing about this lacer…


Pre Evo square goodnes, the mismatched period correctness only ads to this gem. Great to see stuff like this creeping into the country, a change from the predictable.


Always interesting to see something different. A JDM AE101 front end on an Irish wagon. Pretty cool.


Wagons aye? Yeah this is a winner also. Such a sucker for wagons.


Quad tails x 2 in blue.


I was a little sad to see the BN sports s13 killed finally get a makeover but the owner has done an incredible job making this car his own. Part of me wants to see this covered in chrome flames as a homage to the original car!


There’s more C35 Laurel’s on the scene since returning home, sporting some Ganadors a big wang accompanied by a set of CRKAI’s this is one of the more extreme looking examples I have seen.


The USDM look executed to perfection on this super clean EG sporting a BYS rear spoiler.


Everyone is all about the big sedans. I guess these were almost unattainable a few years ago and now the prices have dropped so everyone is getting in on the action.


Really digging everything about this super clean N15 Pulsar. Just a car you don’t see too much of anymore.


What’s not to like about a de-badged blue Vitz on tiny chrome Vienna’s?


The A31 Cefiro… One of my all time favourite four door FR machines. Great to always see one, there cant be more than ten of these in the country?


A rear end shot of this stunner. I’m always worried that when someone goes and tampers with a bit of an iconic car, they usually end up making it worse. I think the owner came out on top with this one, good work.


This is an interesting combo. A super clean looking EK4 sporting some SSR MKII’s.


This is one of those cars that I thought would never come back from the dead. Good to see it back in an array of mismatched pieces. Id love to see this thing painted fully. Not enough four love for the r32 four door over here.


A winning combo everytime. It seems the Watanabe + Goodline front bumper is the desired look.


I actually loved the fact this Renault 5 appeared at the event. It drove straight out of the past and somehow survived the all killer no filler massacre. The days of this stuff are long gone and as much as that’s sometimes a good thing, I seriously miss the creativity and effort that came with some of the older builds. It was truly insane. Kind of nice to see that this is still alive.


The “JDM OEM obsession” thing really did wipe out the days of sound systems and flushed custom work. It seems in Japan they manage to merge both of them with some of the Bippu cars and other sub cultures that exist inside of their native car culture. I wonder if there would ever be a place for some of the old modified guys over here with that stuff . Neons are creeping back in, Lambo doors, could we see more of this old stuff making a return? I doubt that will ever happen here again but it would be cool to see.


This is very interesting indeed, I would loved to caught up with the owner. The first imported GT86 into Ireland from Australia and it looked to be packed with a ton of goodies.


Ah the Corolla… This and the Carina will go down as the backbone of the Irish country side no doubt. It’s always great to see one maintained and looking good. This example was wrapped in JDM bits. I think everyone has a weird soft spot for these cars due to the fact they are the quite possibly the most reliable and over engineered econoboxes from the 90’s.


Another Toyota… it seems apart from the GT86 companies like Toyota and Nissan put building cars like the Celica or similar on pause. Its a shame and I wonder if we will ever see a resurgence of the wild models we were graced with in the 80s and 90s.


In a sea of fibreglass and abuse, this s13 sticks out like a shiny diamond. Someday (its already starting to happen) s-bodies in this shape are going to be worth a fortune. Its always nice to see one going a different route.


All about those tones.



Everything about this z20 Soarer was hitting the spot, the colour the wheel choice. I’m a sucker for these old two-tone colourways but more on this z20 coming soon.

In the meantime stay tuned for much more stuff coming over the next few weeks.




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