April 2016 - Juiceboxforyou

Early Gold


Stole My heart

Airside Slide

The last few weeks have been pretty eventful. After just about two and a half years of living in Canada, I decided to make my way back to the motherland.

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Feature: Balance


Its hard sometimes to define a good car. What makes a good car, everyone will have a different opinion on this? The same could be asked about the above..What makes a good Honda? The above civic is almost as close as you could get. It doesn’t need to have the most horsepower nor does it have the rarest components, the most insane engine, or the best suspension setup…

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A Dubshed Stroll 2016

Dubshed 2016



Dubshed 2016 where do I start, let’s start on Sunday morning at 7 o’clock. Waking up to the rain pouring from the sky, it’s definitely not how I wanted the day to start but living here in Ireland I think seeing rain on the day of a car show has become the norm.

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Stories: Lurking Vancouver PT2


So Ive been in the city just over a year and a half, and in Canada Just about two years. If you ever get a chance to make it out here, I highly recommend checking out the sea to sky highway.  Sometimes its a little over whelming just how jaw dropping the scenery is around Vancouver and British Columbia.

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