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Stories: Lurking Vancouver


So its been enjoyable recapping when I get the chance, putting together these side stories on where I have been at since I departed Ireland over two years ago. For many longtime readers of the ramblings on here, you are aware that one part of Juicebox (Neil) is living in Canada and sort of taking a break from things. In the last one of these posts I was living in Edmonton, so about this time last year I made my way over to Vancouver, I couldn’t hack the snow. I decided to take the train back across Canada, something I would highly recommend to anyone, the scenery is almost too much to process.


So Vancouver, what a stunning city to live in. There are not too many places in the western world where the mountains and the ocean and a decent sized city all mash together in such a way. This post is going to be a little weird if you are local and read it. Im going to probably point out obvious stuff to you. IM sort of aiming this feature at people who have never been to Canada, mostly the Irish readers, so apologies to the average Canadian.


The city is completely cut off from the real Pacific ocean, blocked by Vancouver Island (which is about half the size of Ireland) and there is never really any wind or misery here. Its this crazy calm bubble. This creates a strange little situation where you can actually still walk down the street and see gems like this in pristine condition. In the year or so of living here, I see at least one completely standard unmolested AE86 cruising down the street free of rust.


Same goes for these, I trip out on a daily basis seeing almost immaculate pristine 240sx’s just casually being piloted by old women.


It never ever gets old. There really cant be too many places left in the world where you see this kind of madness. The fact that the world of drift kids have not stolen every single Corolla or s13 chassis blows my mind, that day is surely around the corner.


Many of these cars stay in the city, and in the city they don’t salt the roads, never really get snow or salty winds being sheltered by Vancouver island, its hard to get used to being from a rock in the Atlantic that gets battered every day. Maybe im just a weirdo, but every time I see a sight like this I end up stopping, tripping out, causing a scene and shooting a photo. This one was immaculate!


Sometimes I realise that in fact I’m being a weirdo. This dude was probably blown away that I cared about this E70, but sadly I did. I never really know why I get so excited about this stuff but Im not alone. You see quite a lot of these, s13s, some 14’s and AE86’s and RX7’s, in incredible condition. Like I said, there really cant be too many places left in the world where this happens.


Vancouver is absolutely dribbling with wealth, as in this place is flooded with super cars and expensive cars. There is a huge amount of Asian millionaires that live here and Vancouver has the most super cars per capita out of anywhere in North America. You almost grow numb to seeing stuff pass you everyday.


Just to give you an idea, its not uncommon to see something as ridiculous as this Maserati MC12 just chilling in a window on display. They only ever made 55 of these cars making it one of the rarest supercars in the world.


Another random encounter and a treat for the eyes. Parked up like the Corolla in front of it. No big deal, just in grabbing some bits from a shop! Its hard to really convey just how many supercars are driving the streets. Ive been to many other cities, London is a prime example of a super car rich city. Vancouver would put the place to shame no problem.


Vancouver is definitely a city  where the latest and greatest is common place. I hate saying this but it desnsitses you to all the cool shit you would never get a chance to see. THis TRD kitted Scion (RIP) or GT86 was cool.


Its hard to turn off the whole care radar. As much as I was trying to take a back seat with the car stuff for awhile, its definitely a sickness, I just cant escape stuff, funny or interesting. Always stopping for a snap of a true work of art.


You come across some seriously cool people who seem to have it all figured out. This Wagon was perfect, I’m super envious of Vancouver and its bubble of magical weather. Imagine how many of these were murdered in Ireland, by either the weather or the dreaded “scrappage scheme”.


There is a crazy contrast between super common place stunners like this, and old pristine rust free Corrollas, old civics and an array of other unexpected stuff.


What I really did not expect in Canada was the amount of Delicas I would see everywhere. Canada, British Columbia especially has easily stolen 80% of all the Delicas that have ever come out of Japan. I honestly could not believe how many of these are driving the streets, and they are not cheap either. Easily going for over 8 grand, four of these are parked on my street alone!


What I find incredibly strange about Canada is, its closer to Japan, and steals quite a lot of Delicas, and a bunch of Kei trucks. But somehow the country hasn’t taken as many “import” cars as I would have expected. There is a good few here, but I genuinely expected there to be much much more, thats always a weird thing, because Ireland for the small country it is, has done a good job sucking Japan dry.  Saying that ,its not uncommon to see insane newer GTR’s like this one prowling the streets.


Like I said, there is times where you see the odd Japanese beast. But then again, for the amount of Delicas and other unusual imports, I think its crazy how the demand for Japanese cars isn’t greater.


Luckily I got tipped off there was going to be a pretty big annual meet held by Rev scene close to where I live. For someone who is not a local, meets are usually a good way to get everyone out of the woodwork from a city. This is when I really started to see what the city and surrounding area had on offer.


I had seen this car around quite a lot but never quick enough to grab a snap. Vancouver has its fare share of decent looks s2ks.


The odd time you come across something like this x90, I’ve started to see much more of the x100 models due to the 15 year limit being lifted on those generations. Canada has a 15 year age ban on cars unlike us in Ireland.


Stuff like this, you can see the auction writing still on the window. Fresh in from Japan, im sure there will be many more of these heading this direction.


There is no shortage of heavily built Subarus and Evos around either, not even slightly, at least once a week I cant help but turn to see a retardo spec Evo!


This crazy autocross/drag mazda 323 was interesting, check those Hoosier slicks!


Check those hubcaps!


This situation is normal here. The car scene here is truly an unusual, the car park was like a Jicksaw puzzle or like a teenagers car collection in a video game.! You have the likes of this parked next to something casual and its no big deal.


Vancouver probably has more G wagons than anywhere in the world. These are more common than Corollas, it never ceases to amaze me just how many of these are on the roads here, literally not even an exaggeration!


So this Maclaren driven by a seventeen year old. I guess both the Ferrari and Maclaren are driven buy guys who havent even made it to their twenties. It blows my mind just how many young people drive super cars over here, another completely common scene here.

There is such a massive influx of asian wealth here, its completely common to see kids rolling around in two million dollar super cars. So many one hundred grand plus cars here have the “N” badge, which is basically a learner permit. Thats something ill never get used to! If you get to the end of the car game before it even takes off, where do you go next? Fuck….. You will probably end up becoming some sort of Buddhist in your thirties and sell everything…. Completed the materialistic life, and nowhere left to go.



Im starting to see quite a few Stageas over here too. This one was hitting the spot in a big way….


Canadians Loves the R32 and who could complain. Once a week I come across a different one around the city, Edmonton takes the medal for the sheer amount of random R32 skylines for a Canadian city.


This was cool, loved the wheels, that Evo that I missed in the shot was nice too. You see the odd 4 or 5 from time to time. vncvr45

I think these guys were from Vancouver island, thats got a pretty big corolla scene, lots of crazy Toyota wagons over there.


Damn, doesnt get much better than this, I pass this most mornings on my way to work…. where did it go wrong for Lancia….


Like I said before, you really dont know what to expect over here, anything is possible.


More insanity from the Evo department. vncvr19

Shopping trolley?


Ive never had the chance to see a C210 before so this was an unexpected meeting.


Such a rad car, in terms of styling, this generation, although not as desirable as the two before it, would outstyle the latest model times ten. vncvr36

Nice deep Xr4’s too.


One thing you see a lot of is four door Da Integra’s. They are everywhere on the roads here. One thing you don’t see enough of, is anyone really having a go at executing something like this, lots and lots of stock DA integras here, the entire west coast is over flowing with Bug eye integras and DAs, and a chunk of four doors.


I started walking further to try take it all in… Quite alot of good stuff made an appearance so it was hard to really take everything in proerly.


There is somewhat of a decent Bippu scene here too.


The guys over at a Local shop called Serial Nine have been trying to keep into the stuff thats been happening in Japan as of recent. vncvr20

I dont even…..

James from Yokosuka Nights is the man, his car is a serious treat for the eyes. Nailing that ever fond style we all adore…

James has some tasty choice bits inside too.


All the way from ‘Berta, long drive but this was another classic combo.


I wish we had this as a domestic car in Ireland. You see a few of these here from time to time. This 510 was flawless, I have such a soft spot for these.


Some people started to roll out. There is a never ending collection of somewhat decent looking”240s” on this side of the planet.


But for every two there is an equal bad lemon. I guess because there is so many of these over here, you see quite the variety of styling.


Cool to see such a following for the Rukus too. As much as I’ve tried to hunt it down, Vancouver has a pretty big scene for these.


I said id save the best for last. “Royal Ocean” The first RWB car in north america, and my first real time seeing one in the flesh. You almost become numb to seeing these on the internet, and yes I know I’ve just contributed to another image of one for you to look at.


But… Its hard to describe in words how good this car is. The story behind this particular one is super cool to, Alex from Circuit soul brought Nakai over and the owner had this car for over ten years. He wanted to retain the original colour so this timeless combo was the answer. The presence of an RWB kitted Porsche is something to be seen in real life. I was like a small child staring at this. I absolutely love everything about this car…


Vancouver is an amazing place to live, the car scene as a whole is strange at best, its not very obvious or maybe I’m just a little unlucky in my hunt for stuff in all the wrong places. In Ireland the car scene is a lot more in your face and I even found that when living in Edmonton. Vancouver in itself is a big enough city, but it has a small city vibe which is kind of nice. Anyone who has been here will know what I mean. The Spanish banks meet was a nice way to see a good cross section of the scene. There is no real way to ever grow tired of that sun setting behind the mountains, for anyone hoping to get a Visa to come over here for a year or two, id highly recommend this place.

Stay tuned for a part 2



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    Nice post living in Vancouver myself you should check out the Thursday night rev scene meets in burnaby once the weather picks up. What are you driving here yourself?