Neville Brett, a name we should never forget.

Neville Brett, a name we should never forget.


We lost a great human today, someone who’s name echoes amongst the car scene of Ireland, a name that has been spoken in legendary stories of over the years. Neville was a character. It makes me sad that I have to put a post together like this but I want to spread the love and share a few stories that made up just a little bit of the Neville Brett I had the pleasure of knowing. Neville was a true free spirit, which if you had the pleasure of meeting him, you figured out pretty quickly. He was a crazy energetic, genuine lunatic, never afraid to speak his mind, A master behind the wheel of anything he sat into.


The best part about it all is he just didn’t give two shits, always doing it for a good old laugh, nothing more, just out to have the best time he could.
A perfect example of Neville was the time he put together a car for drifting. Neville entered round 4 of Ennis back in 2012, no one really had a clue who was in this blue Levin. Usually people would associate him with blackening crossroads. He went out, drove the absolute fuck out of his Levin, clipped every single wall effortlessly. It was amazing, He never even knew he was after coming third in the event, because by the time people were looking for to give him a trophy he had already packed the car up and gone home because he had no interest in sitting around… It was hilarious. Classic Neville.


“Jap scrap” “Nardi scrap” We would spend hours arguing over Japanese VS UK spec and it was always a good laugh. He knew it would piss us off so he would push it more and more, always getting a rise out of each other as a bit of banter. He took pleasure in fully restoring cars back to immaculate factory UK specification, and then bring them to car events and drive them into the ground, just to make people angry and show them that its all about having fun with your car. Because that’s what it always was to him, building something, like this little starlet and making others happy by dogging the life out of it and pushing things to the edge, putting on a show, being a performer wherever he could. Nevilles stories would be spread through groups like wildfire. The times he would drive the whole way down to rally of the lakes, just to burn the back 13 inch Nankangs off of a freshly restored Corolla, just for because this was how he thought. Surrounded by hundreds of people doing rings, Always adding to the madness getting people excited. Always up for a good time.


I’m really glad this photo exists., another reason why Neville was Neville. One night we were heading to his place to drop off some parts, and he threw the keys of his Corolla to a friend, they came up to meet us and blackened every single cross road in front of our headlights all the way back to the house putting on a classic show. It was hilarious, total chaos late at night, something im sure the locals were used to. A friend of his lost control of the car and completely wrote it off in front of us, everyone was ok but it was intense. We all came back to the house and Neville was as happy as ever, laughing about the whole situation. He didn’t give two shits about the car, he was more excited about the whole event and we sat around and talked about it for hours. His friend had completely killed the car and being the genuine guy Neville is he was more excited about telling some stories and brought us all in for tea and biscuits and offered us to go out in his other one to do it all over again.


The time we went on a road trip to Europe, and Neville has to be one of the only people who snuck weed into Amsterdam, it was hilarious, not a glimpse of fear in his mind about being caught or anything, more concerned about abusing the BMW we had just received as our rental car on the AutoBahn. Dodging parking tickets, denting the car.Passing people at at over 160, sneaking it onto the Nurburgring, just being Neville. He didn’t give two shits about the “what if’s” of life…. This stuff never crossed his mind. Anytime he called down to the shed, he would put on a show outside… itching to do donuts at every single opportunity, marking his territory!

I used to take so much joy in telling new people stories of Nevilles antics, it sounded like the stuff of legends, and they almost didn’t believe me, that is until those people had the pleasure of seeing it and talking to him themselves. He was the absolute definition of a lunatic, free spirit, a true car enthusiast, a crazy friend, an amazing story teller, and he will be most certainly missed by all of us. Its a shame that he had to leave us. Im glad I got to share one of the best weeks of my life with you. The stories of Neville will forever immortalize him as the true legend he was. Rest in piece friend.



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