Improving on perfection

Improving on perfection

What drives us to continue looking for perfection with these inanimate objects? What actually justifies a good car? So many of us are heavily drawn towards the unassuming innocence of the AE86, Time and time again, we see one and we just get ridiculously happy or excited, a car that has been done to death but still after 30 years can look as fresh as the day it was unveiled.


This one is extra special to me, this car embodies everything about the eight six people love so much. Its perfect, A small flare, some period correct four spoke beauties, I often step back and ask why do we get so excited about this stuff, its amazing when you can rest your eyes on a front bumper, or a colour combo, and it just spikes your excitement, when a car is just done right, preferably one of these Toyotas.


Every combination imaginable has probably been done to death, but we just want to see it again and again, we seldom grow tiresome of a good 80s beauty like this. Sean’s Trueno is fresh from the magical Hands of Jackie, it was practically impossible to improve perfection with this car, but they nailed it.


Subtle touches, like the arches, the bumper and new shoe choice, no skirts, a sneaky Trust DD lurking our the back… touches that excite the living shit out of certain humans on this planet. We just cant get enough of that little 28 year old Toyota Econobox. An ancient design, that absolutely stood the test of time…


A car that many of you know gets driven hard… Funny to think, just how much it would scare the biggest enthusiast if he knew just how clean this shell is. This car was built for fun, the drivers learning curve quickly steepened once he made the purchase, the relationship between the owner and driver is simply amazing. T
he connection they have, as lame as it sounds is something that the little 86 can give to its owners, its such an honest little metal box, thats screaming NA sound, the fear of pushing such a car to the edge, when the owner and his little 86 can have such a relationship, its special. The 86 is such a little mechanical machine, that rewards when driven hard. I guess this is why we obsess over them 30 years later..



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