December 2013 - Juiceboxforyou

Just Jap drift day


As things had been a little quiet since Japfest on this side of the pond for us, we decided to take a spin up to the JustJap drift day to check out what was going on. The drift days are always interesting because you never really know what is going to come up out of the woodwork.


Shine Rex

A quick shot of Flips RX8 before it goes under the knife for an exterior and heart upgrade.

The Work Van


You have to enjoy people like Davy, people who can’t leave things alone, people that go near stuff and know only the right way to make it out the other side. Take his “work van” for example, I remember when he picked this up from Paddy McGrath and started tearing around in it. As vehicle Bodywork is his profession it wasn’t long before the van was stripped down, with plans already hatched.


Juicebox : The First meet PT2


It came as quite a surprise to see the amount of cars rolling in all the way till the end, with cars coming from all parts of the country and the general public coming in for a look and not seeing everyone going mental, it must have been somewhat unusual. The cops even rolled in and couldn’t understand why it was day time and over 300 cars were parked up.


Juicebox : The First Meet PT1

I’m pretty excited that some how I can finally write about a public event we put together. Juicebox has been going for about four years now and well it has been an absolute pleasure being able to capture the car scene and chuck it up here on the website. We had toyed with the idea of putting together something like this for a long time, possibly holding a show, or doing another BBQ, the main fear was that no one would turn up, or if something did it would be a disaster.