November 2013 - Juiceboxforyou

The Work Horse

Let’s face it some of the 90’s cars that rolled out of the Nissan factory have aged perfectly, others are still questionable. Take an R33 Gts-t for example, not many of you will be quick to say they looked or aged as well as similar chassis from that era. On top of that for some reason, Ireland, Australia and the UK just couldn’t get enough of the 33 GTS, we just loved them. We loved putting horrendous wheels and bad body kits and questionable parts in them, pretty much a large portion of R33 GTS’s which exist outside of Japan just don’t do it for people as much as an R32, s13 or an s15, or any of the GTR’s for that matter.


A Stocky Second Chance

It’s nice to see this car in its current guise. This was actually a car imported by a couple of friends in Waterford city. The car came to Ireland as a half loved Nissan, just like most RPS13’s their story is always a mystery. This example was bright pink, had over fenders, standard ae86 front wheels and a Bomex whale tale. Back then this car was laughed at, a bit of an ugly duckling. Like many cars at that time it vanished, many had thought it was dead forever, just like the fate of many Nissans but somehow it came back out of the wood work, and damn did it look good.


Low Brain Gymkhana Madrid

We had to chance to tag along with the Low Brain drifters in Madrid to see them tackle the best in Europe.