September 2013 - Juiceboxforyou

Civic Duty


Two of the finest lookers in Ireland…

Japfest 2013

Another year another Japfest, the time when anything can come out of the woodwork to say hello.


Chocolate Roadster

Ive always been a huge fan of the Original Miata/mx5 or roadster as it was known in Japan. With such a subtle collection of modifications they can become such an amazing little car to both drive and look at. I got an email a couple of months back about one that was being put together, due to the rise in popularity of these cars (which is always a good thing) I was intrigued as to what pictures lay inside the message.


Going Down

This is Freddies A4 B8 Se, I’ve been meaning to get a few decent pictures of this car up onto the site. He is one of the few people from around the area that has managed to nail a delicious look with his Audi.


The Ring PT2

Not really knowing what to do with the rest of our night we drove around for hours trying to see if we could find other parts of the track. If you have never been there, its pretty gigantic.


Little Bastard

Ive always been a huge fan of Julian and his sense of style when building the Low Brain drift car. The car has always attracted a serious crowd in each of its incarnations over the years and they guys have always had always managed to match the looks with an exciting driver, making a perfect blend of drift display. This year good friend Martin Ffrench has been piloting the car in what I think is the best the car has ever looked.


The Ring Pt1

We decided to chance our arm and head to the Nürburgring, being on mainland Europe and having a decent car and enjoyable set of roads we felt confident we could squeeze this into the journey before we returned to the land of rain. We took it somewhat handy on the way down to make the most of some of the breathtaking scenery.




Nicky putting that Datsun to work…