Automotive Overload – Gatebil PT3

Automotive Overload – Gatebil PT3

Back to the final installment of Gatebil, the complete madness that funnily enough you start to get used to somehow.

Coming from a country that has such a car culture already, it was truly amazing to see just what was up this end of the world.


Everything was banana’s… but amazingly enough you walk around the Paddock enough and start to be like Oh.. theres another one.

Its funny because I knew once I was gone from this event I would spend the next three weeks taking in what I saw.

Its like my mind was full from the madness, even going through the pictures I am constantly reminding myself “oh yeah, remember that”. Like this 350z, everything was just bonkers.

I mean seriously bonkers, check out those carbon seats and erm carbon everything else!

Mikes car sat silent, but holy shit does it look aggressive.

The whole event really made me realise just how badass Volvos are, this will probably be the only place on the planet where I will see this many overly done in all the right ways.

Wash that time capsule!

Ten second strawberry face?

I have no idea why there is not more E36’s out there with this kit, this would make a ridiculously nice road car.

Can anyone get bored of a 32? Every skyline engine bay was insane…

You may have seen this beast on speedhunters recently, sporting a 2jz, any swap is expected over here.

This Sierra sums up Gatebil perfectly, a modest looking beast on the outside with a 2jz heart.

Actually this is a much better car to sum up the chaos… This used to be a KE70 Corolla… Anything goes here and there is no such thing as that wont work!

Childhood dream car!

Teenage dream car! Its funny how things change. That infectious love for Japanese metal took over.

That love gets me super excited over pretty much untouched pieces of Japanese Automotive culture like this Nagisa Auto Beauty.

I take it Japanese imports are a rare sight on the roads of Norway but this was something special.

This will be a sight I wont forget at all, whilst making our way back up from the Show and shine I couldnt help but have a look at what was out on track.

Back up at the paddock we were graced with another batch of insane cars, this Lancia…

Known as “Lasupra” this is one of the craziest home built vehicles I have ever seen which was of course rocking a 2jz.

Everything about this car was amazing, both the construction, idea and looks. On the track it looked incredible, one would almost forget these are all cars built by guys out of love.

Another favourite of the weekend was this  cressida with guess what? Yep a 2jz no shit!


Amongst all the chaos this Euro Levin seemed out of place. But a quick look at the crafstmenship and you quickly realise it fitted nicely. It was cool to see a euro example done to this degree.

Check out this V8 Bar stool, this would go down well back in Ireland.

Out on the track on Saturday the finale of the event is the “world powerslide competiton”.

What I thought was unusual was the fact they dont do twin battles, so its all about the best slide.

Regardless the crowds and media were in full effect.

The weather was a winner also which created some pretty serious smoke.

Darren managed to get the Trueno going and send it out for a bit of smoke action.

Everything had insane power, it was enjoyable to watch even without twin battles.

Being a photographer has its perks, I had possibly the best seat in the house, so I sat down had a drink and enjoyed the show. I knew id be back in Ireland in a few days and this would all be over.

Finally, like filmers on a nature program the beasts I had travelled this far to watch made an appearance. I had come this far up north to see one thing really and that was a ridiculously powered four wheel drive Audi going 90 degrees past me.

All the madness in the paddocks, the driving, camping, drinking everything went away for that brief rare moment. You can go anywhere in the world, even Ireland and watch proper decent drifting but here at Gatebil, we had come to see four wheel drive smoke machines doing their thing and holy shit was it amusing.

The nights were topped off with some pretty mental forest raves, but that’s another story altogether! Hope you enjoyed a Juicebox look at Gatebil in Rudskogen, stay tuned for a little more euro action coming over the next few weeks.



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