August 2013 - Juiceboxforyou

Automotive Overload – Gatebil PT3

Back to the final installment of Gatebil, the complete madness that funnily enough you start to get used to somehow.


Automotive Overload – Gatebil PT2

The paddock itself is just as impressive as any part of the eventl, the words “that wont work” do not exist in these guys vocabulary!


Automotive overload – Gatebil PT1

Once again we were away, out of Ireland the country which at the time we were leaving was experiencing one of the hottest weeks in over twenty years. This was something none of us were going to care about because finally we were actually leaving the country with a plan we had made over a year before.


Plastic Surgery

You just can’t get enough of a good looking 180sx. I don’t care what anyone says but when there is a perfectly styled example in front of your eyes it brings the same amount of excitement as anything else. Over the years Ireland has robbed its fair share of these from Japan, many have been drifted, and others have been butchered, others have been stored away and others have been done like this. The ones which have been styled this good are always a treat.


Dark Chase


Black JZX100 lurking at Rudskogen.. stay tuned for a Gatebil feature coming very soon…

Auto Rest Levin Type R

This was always an interesting build from the Guys at Auto Rest. Obviously built to compete with the DC2 Integra type-R, this Levin actually looks pretty good in, the styling is done quite close to the actual ITR but doesn’t look out of place on the AE111, it would be interesting to see a battle between this AE111 and the DC2, anyone out there know if this ever went down in an of the Japanese videos? Either way a cool car.

Hyper Rev vol18

The Caretaker

Dave has had this car for almost ten or more years. In this world we never really own our cars, if the car is maintained well it will eventually pass hands when we are gone. This car has always been special to me because it gave me such inspiration over the years, back when the car scene was infected with filler and ICE installs, this Corolla had come in from Japan land stripped out with Advan A3A’s at the back and Longchapms at the front. Straight away it looked cool, a little track slut with odd shoes, something I had never seen before. It was silver low and ignorant looking, the complete opposite to every Max Power machine around at the time.