July 2013 - Juiceboxforyou

Road Less Traveled

It’s always nice to receive emails about potential car features, with the whole Juicebox deal there has been quite a lot over the last few years. Every now and again you will come across something that is totally unique. Take this black AE111, first of you are thinking this is not that unique at all, we have hundreds of them floating around the country waiting to be stripped of its heart and the engine used for an AE86.


Achilles radial & Low Brain Drifters do Poland

Achilles radial & Low Brain Drifters do Poland 2013 from juice box on Vimeo.


I was asked to come along and make a little video for the guys over at Lowbrain Drifters/ Achilles in a place called Plock in Poland. I had no idea what to expect and right before we caught the boat it was a late night in Ffrenchies layer adding the finishing touches to the LBD S13.