June 2013 - Juiceboxforyou

Till next time….

The EP91 certainly flooded our shores over the last ten years, such a love/hate car with many people. Its difficult enough to come across one that is is truly outstanding, as most of them are usually bone stock or have more stickers than modifications.

Sadly in the middle of a cold winters night shooting this car, after trying to track it down for a shoot for a year or so, my batteries died and these are the only two shots I walked away with. In a country where the car scene is so unpredictable and cars change hands like the weather, hopefully we will have a full feature of this little chunk of awesome over the coming months. Until then ill leave you with two pictures I didn’t want to vanish on my hard drive forever.

Olive M


Club Skyline vol 17.. SR20, four doors and a good time.

Affection, metal and age.

A Couple of months ago leaving a car park I snapped this simple clean timeless RPs13 directly in front of a Mazda 323, both cars from the same era and similar manufacturers. Its always amusing how some cars are so well designed, live on as classics and are more popular than the day they rolled out of the factory. This picture will always stay with me just because the 323 will never have the presence of the 180, and was growing moss in the corner, whilst this 180 will possibly stay this good for a few years to come.

Now we all know that Mazda has made some amazing cars but you cant help but get a kick out out of the A to B cars which come and go from companies, stick around for a period and tehn completely vanish, then we have the cars which may have had the same faith but gain a cult following. Its fascinating how the brain can get excited and affectionate over a chunk of metal which has been crafted and pressed into different shapes and completely disregard another….

Mint Coupe

Dave’s car is well known amongst the 86 community in Ireland. Being one of the founding members of Garage Hachi, quite a hot blog up until a year ago, the guys have always had a serious eye for the right parts and have a true love for the 86 chassis.