May 2013 - Juiceboxforyou

Sodium Silvia

Sodium Silvia wearing some pretty shoes…

Those Fto’s

The FTO has always been a strange one. I’ve always been on the fence about them in the looks department, especially after the wall of max power terror of the late 90’s early millennium with these cars. They just looked even more awkward with a Veilside replica kit or any of them misery kits.


That Itch.

This car was bought as a run around, the owner of this pretty immaculate looking mk3 Vento had family in mind. Owning a MK2 Rallye, the Vento would become the more practical day to day car. As most of you out there will agree, nothing ever stays standard for too long and before Noel knew it he was in talks of getting some rust removed from the car….


Love RS

If there is one thing I have learned over the years is that Ireland has such a deep rooted car following. In your family or group of friends someone has an interest in cars whether it be an uncle brother or friend, who has either had something over the years or still has a piece of metal with four wheels they hold close to their hearts. The thing about the Irish car scene is most of the time it is hidden, any car action you come across is usually surface level car enthusiasts who drive the streets at night and park up at McDonalds, do a couple of laps of the city and head home.


The Car Life

So it’s the third birthday of Juicebox… a website we created back around three years ago with a mission to showcase the Irish car scene to the rest of the world, to show them all the good things that are hidden away down country back roads in sheds and barns and other places you would never expect to find rare metal on four wheels.


Why hello there…


One of the sheds residents, the KE55 came out for some air today. You sometimes forget its beauty, living mostly for the cold months under covers.

Down & Out

It’s always nice to get emails about possible features, especially something along the lines of this Subtle Eunos Roadster and other less played with chassis in this country. Once I had seen a few pictures of this coming together over at Team Chihuahua I knew we needed to organise a shoot.


The chase!

A game of Tag with the big boys!

Hyper Rev.148

IDC Round One : Mondello


Its a new season for drifting, a new name, new cars and new people. On Juicebox we are going to try and get more people on board, something that was the original plan but with more and more photographers popping up each event we would like to get some people together to help out on the website. This time we have the shutterspeed eye through the lens on the event, things should get interesting. On another note, Brian Egans car is amazing!


Light Leak


Kilkenny lurk machine