2013 April

What the?

Jacks run around is too good not to share!



Timeless classic…

Modified Live 2013


We decided to try and make it to the first event on the car calendar this year… round one of the IDC and Modified Live… Mondello’s own idea of a car show that to say the least looked like a bare version of Japfest… Even saying that a few unusual beasts made an appearance that more or less made the trip worth it.


First Molding

Timeless EK3… Dunne and his soft spot for the EK chassis, this one is a winner.

I borrowed the wife’s skyline…

Nicky Hallahan… He borrowed his wife’s skyline to compete in Driftfest round one, the car was having engine trouble all day… its pretty much a full more or less casual road car and he was busting out insane runs all day Saturday… he also left a little love tap at the end in this qualifying run… what a hero

Dat Smoke

KE attack

This little beauty was drowning in a sea of datsun metal… even took a hit, what a car.. big respect to the driver.

The Hankook AE86

I’m finally glad this feature happened. This has been a long time in the making. Many of you should know this car by now or its original look which Adrian brought out for to play last year in Prodrift. I’ve always had such a soft spot for this car ever since it came in from Japan rocking the Shino Kouba stickers and fat Watanabes. This year Adrian has revamped the car in Team Hankook livery and holy shit does it look good.


AE86 Track Day 2013


Ah, another AE86 track day. Anyone who follows this blog will know how much we enjoy this chassis. Anytime there is a track day for the 86 movement it always brings a very interesting selection of cars.

Ireland has to have one of the most solid loves for the AE86 in the world. We literally stole thousands of them from Japan. On top of buying these out of Japan we have all the goodies and people around the country manage to build some incredible examples time and time again. No other movement inside the car scene seems to be as good.