February 2013 - Juiceboxforyou

Light stills

Still light captures…..

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Friday Night Lights

White Lines

The JZX100, a car that has always been at the top of the list of four doors to own… for some reason the idea of owning any of the Chaser, Cresta, or Mk2’s line has always appealed more than owning a Mercedes or BMW FR platform. The fact that Japan even created the cars and built each of the three with the same chassis but top half for a different reason is too awesome. They are just bad ass… simple as, in any colour or form. This example ticks all the right boxes…


Daytime Speed Star

Left or Right?

Which would you pick?

Evil Twin

That ugly scary 4WD evil twin, locked in the basement… with Evo seven running gear and a ridiculous set of 18 x 10 SE37ks. Nothing inside but a seat, wheel and shifter… what a sick joke!

The lost 86-X shots

Back at Japfest last year I had the chance to shoot probably the only Heavily Modified GT86 that will ever be on Irish soild (hopefully not)… Somehow I managed to loose these shots but magically uncovered them in the last few days and decided to throw them up on the site… It wasnt exactly an Irish car, but we couldnt help but take pictures! We intend to get more well build drift and track cars up on the site… something that will happen this year for sure…


Surprise Sunny

Surprise B series Sunny relaxing on Hayashi Command’s…