October 2012 - Juiceboxforyou

3 Spoke Thunder


The Gap x S2k

Always been a massive fan of these cars, at the Rally of the lakes earlier in the year, at a look out over some of the best scenery in Ireland we spotted this freshly coated white example and decided to take a few snaps…..


Ah oul Ireland…

Nothing better than being reminded your in Ireland…. an old woman washing her car out of a sewer on the side of the main road!

A Clancy Experience

It was just another rainy miserable day in the so called sunny south east of Ireland. I get a phone call to meet up in the usual spot where people have congregated for over a decade at certain times to chat about cars and perform a spot of mental cleansing…. Roughly this time last year we put this video up on the site, being generally stoked about the drivers situation and skill level, we didn’t really give much of an explanation as to what was going on and many viewers took this up the wrong way.

Through all the years of being interested in cars, I’ve come across some pretty interesting characters. For some reason, in Ireland as similar to Japan, you stumble upon many different types of personalities, walks of life all bonded through the interest of something with four wheels. Clancy is pretty insane when it comes to being behind the wheels of a car, anyone who knows him will tell you that.


Feature: Blister Fit

Some of the stuff over the last two decades to come out of Japan has left far more of an impact than others. For instance the s13 itself has had such a powerful following pretty much anywhere around the globe that people could get their hands on one. I’ve always been a massive fan of the late 90’s early 00’s drift style, personally I felt that drift car style peaked around this era.. big wheels, over fenders and the perfect stance, if you don’t believe me Google the BN s13 or the 326 power FC that Haraguchi drove or even the works 9 auto salon 13, or even take a look at any of the old D1 option videos on you tube from the turn of the millennium  The BN Defend kit was one of those ideas that to quite a few, didn’t sound good on paper, but somehow it ended up being easily one of the best wide body kits for any of the Drift super star cars we know today.


The Mcgrath Mobile

Always looking shiny shiny…

Street light fighter

N/A Night Vibes

The Dark road, with that cold shitty Irish weather we love to hate…


Random Juice: Attack!

Random Juice: TE37 x DC2