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Juicebox TV: The Prodrift Finale

Event: Japfest 2012…..

Ah good old Japfest… where to begin, this is the third year we have covered this event on Juicebox. It’s sort of the be all end the entire car scene as a whole at the end of every year. Everything and anything can come out of the woodwork and be on display, many a time I’ve been shocked, left scratching my head wondering where the fuck that did car come from. That feeling is one that I’ve always loved about the Irish car scene, we as a tiny little country was saturated with awesome cars from Japan that you never actually know what’s hiding down a dodgy little back lane, or hiding in some farm somewhere in Kerry…. With the “road car” scene falling down around us… it’s ironic that the drift scene is flourishing, we are spitting out some of the best drivers ever… going up against some of the world’s best.


Juicebox TV: Prodrift Round 4: The Oval

Prodrift Round 4: The Oval from juice box on Vimeo.

Car Spotting: Sentimental Evolution

I know there is many of you out there, many who have had the first car, the one that got them into the scene, the one that you pulled late night for and yo somehow feel is a part of who you are.