August 2012 - Juiceboxforyou

Event: Fermoy V.A.G. meet

So with an unpredictable Irish summer that we have already been pissed off with, we were very sceptical if it was a good choice to make it out to the V.A.G. meet in Fermoy Co Cork, I’m glad we made a positive choice… If you don’t know this already, or aren’t from this country, in Ireland, the scene is heavily split into a few groups, but it was nice to see the Volkswagen/Audi scene going showcasing some of the best examples this country had to offer all packed inside Cork Marts Car Park, something we just had to cover….

Random Juice: Wankel Pleasures

Ireland’s endangered species list no #34

Random Juice: Sunday Driver!

Those Sunday drivers….


Event: AE86 Day 2012

Ah, where to begin…. if you didn’t know this by know, Ireland has a very very impressive AE86 following, when the flood gates from Japan opened back around 00, we pretty much imported any type of AE86 we could get our hands on and this continued for about eight years, right up until the country’s economy shat itself. Any proper day like the one that is somewhat annually held at Mondello brings some of the most awesome pieces of Japanese steel from around the country and this was as good as it gets.

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Juicebox TV: Night life B-roll….

b-roll from juice box on Vimeo.

Cleaning out the old hardrive we made a little B roll, of the left over footage from the night life video.

Juicebox TV: Something a little different video

Event: Something a little different

Just before round three of Prodrift this year I got a phone call, now if you are from Ireland you know the deal with the weather, It has been easily the worst summer in History, you can probably count the summer days we have had on one hand, on the other end of the phone was Dean Kearney, he had been asked to do a Demo down in the south of Portagul at one of their biggest car events. This was not the first time the Irish had gone down to do this type of demo, it had been on going year after year but this time around I was asked to document it. A small look out the window and I was already convinced to pack my bags and get in the van.


Meets: RS Owners club 2012

We decided to take a trip down to the annual ford mmet in Bolands New Ross, being from Ireland the if you dont know already, the ford scene has always been around and pretty much always huge due to the massive rally following that exists. Sometimes we take some of these very impressive cars for granted so with that in mind we headed down to check it out, and obviously the line up didnt dissapoint, like this mint 96 Escort RS Cosworth.


Feature: Take Two

It’s always impressive to see Volkswagens in the south of Ireland which push the scene forward, one of the biggest things we tried to do since the site was created was to showcase cars which hopefully are a sort of a milestone or marker for others to follow or be influenced by. Tommy’s wagon is certainly one of these cars, the first wagon he built which we featured a few months back was his first test, having somewhat of a soft spot for the wagon he managed to make the perfect blend of clean and simple.


Random Juice: Fuck the weather!

Wettest Irish summer ever…. fuck it lets go out and play